Summer is here and that means ditching cosy, winter clothes in favour of cooler, lighter materials, ideal for the warm weather. But, for many people, when it comes to the change in seasons, we’re left searching through wardrobes and drawers trying to find clothing suitable for the sunny weather. Being disorganised when it comes to clothes storage can lead to clutter, overbuying of clothes and, in some cases, damage to materials. 

Even if you feel as though you have a wide selection of clothes, suitable for all seasons and occasions, did you know that you only actually wear about 20% of your wardrobe? We all have our favourite capsule wardrobe pieces, from jeans and plain tees to blazers and trainers, which poses the question – what do we do with the clothes that we don’t wear regularly? 

Whilst a walk-in wardrobe is the thing of dreams, the reality is that many of us have a too-small wardrobe which is often packed with clothes, overloaded with hangers and rails full of outdated or hardly worn clothes. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some simple and easy wardrobe storage ideas. 

Use All Available Space

When it comes to wardrobe storage, the focus is often on the rails and shelving but, a great way to create some additional storage space is to use all available space, including wardrobe doors. There are smart door hangers which you hang over wardrobe doors which create handy additional storage space for hangers, or which you can use to store shoes and bags – bulky wardrobe items that usually take up a lot of space where it is usually limited. 

As well as inner-wardrobe storage, remember that you also have some fantastic space on top of your wardrobe, too. Lidded storage boxes provide great extra storage space, particularly for larger items such as winter coats and boots, or even home items such as bedding and duvet cover sets which would otherwise take up valuable storage space elsewhere.  

Relocate Your Shoe Collection

Storing your shoes in your wardrobe can take up valuable space, which could be better used for clothing and if you’re finding your wardrobe is getting a little too full, then it might be time to relocate your shoe collection elsewhere. Your shoes are the last thing you put on, so consider putting them somewhere else within your home, such as by the door. Improve your hallway storage solution with a bench that doubles up as handy shoe storage, keeping your shoes out of sight, but also easy to reach. 

As well as being easier to store, keeping your shoes near the door means that you avoid tracking wet, muddy shoes through the house and up to your bedroom when summer showers hit, keeping your home tidier. Keep your shoe storage space smelling fresh and clean with fragranced drawer insights, or even tumble dryer sheets in each shoe. 

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Smart Clothing Arrangements

When it comes to wardrobe storage, often it’s very straightforward as to where clothes are best stored. Hanging clothes on rails is the seemingly obvious choice, but what about all that extra space underneath that so often goes unused? To make the most of this, you need to rearrange your wardrobe storage arrangements. 

Longer clothes, such as dresses and skirts, should be kept to one side of the wardrobe, as this then frees up extra space underneath for other clothing. Then, long-sleeved tops or light summer knits should go next, followed by t-shirts and vests. Arranging your clothes this way means that you free up more space underneath, to which you can add some shelving for jeans, leggings and larger items, such as hoodies, that you might not need every day. 

If you have a lot of clothing stored in your wardrobe, even after clearing out and re-organising, and find that your clothes are still taking up a lot of space, consider upgrading your hangers as it may be the thickness of these which are actually taking up the most space. Consider using thinner wooden hangers to free up space and double up on storage by using them to hang both trousers or jeans and tops. Avoid using metal hangers, especially for delicate light knits or linen materials, as they can misshape clothing. 



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