The arrival of winter doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with all the fleece and wool you can imagine. There’s more to dressing up in the colder climes than just being bundled up in all the fur and flannel.

When you want to still look hot even when the temperatures are close to freezing, then read on. It may be time for a new collection of fabulous winter clothes that can turn up the heat during the winter months.

Chic Outfits for Cooler Weather

Winter need not be gray and drab. It’s a great season to bring out the creative fashion vixen in you. This is the time when you can break out the clothes that you have always wanted to wear but can’t because it may be too warm to do so. It’s also a chance to explore other fashion-forward pieces that you’ve been dying to try out.

Thankfully, curating a winter wardrobe is now made easier. There are now online ateliers and fashion houses that offer made-to-order and luxury ready-to-wear clothing. With just a click and a swipe, you can now browse through a collection of tailor-made pieces with exceptional craftsmanship.

That’s why, when you need a winter wardrobe makeover, all you need to do is go online or go to an atelier that offers bespoke collections. Whether you’re off to a corporate Christmas party, a casual soiree with friends, or an evening of winter glamour and glitz, you will surely turn heads with choice wardrobe picks.

Here are some style ideas that you can certainly grab to create that fashionable festive look:

1. Chic Cover-ups

The colder weather calls for warmer clothing that you can wear indoors or outdoors. Stay fashionable with pieces that combine form and function like blazers, coats, jackets, and other cover-ups that will keep the chill away. From lounge pieces to party frocks, there’s a variety of outerwear choices that you can choose from.

For a casual look, you can opt for a triple-stitched denim jacket worn over a fine Merino polo neck shirt. A bonded patent-cotton biker jacket would also look well paired with bootcut trousers. Those going for a sporty look can choose a quilted hooded sports jacket when going out or a sleeveless drawstring hoodie for lounging indoors.

Business looks need not be boring with sophisticated designs such as a fully lined single-breasted tailored jacket made of viscose wool. If that’s not enough to keep you warm, you can throw a shawl-collar belted wool crepe coat over it.

More formal occasions would also call for more formal cover-ups. For example, you can don an evening bomber jacket from or a fully lined crepe-de-chine double-breasted soft jacket.

Other fashionable outerwear options would be a textured trench coat with an exaggerated large collar and lapels, a kimono-inspired jacquard wrap coat dress, or a quilted lamb Nappa trench coat.

2. Leather Looks

Another winter wardrobe hack is to look for elegant leather pieces that you can mix and match. Leather is a striking fabric that is perfect for the winter months. It’s unique in a way that this textile gets better with age as long as you care for it correctly. This gorgeous material molds to your body is very durable and can protect you from the elements.

An atelier can tailor pieces according to your specific needs and requirements. For example, you can have a stunning leather corset that you can wear with almost anything – an elasticated leather pleat trouser embellished gathered skirt or printed silk-satin lounge pants.

You can also choose to wear a tailored riding shirt in Nappa lamb leather and match it with leather belted riding trousers. Another option is to wear a sleeveless lamb Nappa gilet or a shawl-collar stretch leather jacket.

3. Texture Play

You can add more depth and character to your winter outfits by playing with texture. Mixing different materials can add a sense of drama or playfulness to your outfit, depending on which look you are aiming for.

For example, you can go with fringe detail on your attire, such as a lamb Nappa trench coat with signature cut-work and fringed hem. Feathers would be another fantastic idea, like when they are used as an embellishment for a ruffled evening coat, corseted cocktail dress, or a ruched-embellished evening dress.

You can also mix and match different materials for an exciting ensemble, such as wearing a body-contouring embroidered tulle polo neck top over a leather corset and pairing it with calf suede lounge pants with hand-cut detailing.

4. Light and White

Go sleek and sophisticated when you choose winter clothes in white and light colors. For example, you can go out in a body-forming stretch leather turtleneck and lamb Nappa pleat trousers with an elasticated waist. You can even wear a calf-pony skin leather-detailed trench coat over it.

Stay fashionable while doing errands in a white triple-stitched slim shirt and matching knee-length zip-through skirt. Tote a French bull smooth grain leather bag to complete the look. Power through meetings in an off-white belted stretch wool shift dress and cropped stretch wool crepe jacket with sleeve pleats and large front flap pockets.

For an evening affair, why not dazzle everyone by wearing a white corset leather top paired with a high-waist wool-crepe stretch pencil skirt and white round-toe heeled shoes? For a more romantic option, choose to wear a full bell-sleeve cady crepe wrap dress

5. Divine Dresses

Winter can be the time for countless get-togethers and parties. Sprinkle your winter soirees with a dash of drama and a sprinkle of sass with stunning dresses.

No matter what the occasion, you can wow the crowd with perfectly tailored pieces. If you’re going for a touch of whimsy, wear a full-length gathered tulle evening dress with multiple delicate shoulder strap detailing. If it’s mysterious that you’re going for, how about an evening wrap dress with a shawl collar, silk-satin sash belt, and full gathered bell sleeves?

For a feminine feel, arrive with grace in a silk chiffon dress with mother-of-pearl buttons and ruffles all over. On the other hand, if you want that fierce femme vibe, you can opt for a one-shoulder silk viscose draped evening dress with asymmetric over-the-shoulder detail thigh-high slit.

Winter Wonderland

Choose to make the weather more wonderful with carefully chosen fashion pieces. For a perfect fit, seek the services of an expert atelier so you can choose from exquisitely crafted ready-to-wear frocks or made-for-you garments.

Winter may be cold, but it’s not a reason to freeze fashion inspiration.


Kristina Fidelskaya is committed to providing an elegant and feminine wardrobe to modern women with real lives and real needs. Timeless collections based around impeccable materials and craftsmanship, each piece is unique, tells a story, and stays with you for a lifetime. Fusing traditional tailoring with modern, contemporary designs, Kristina Fidelskaya creates luxurious understated products.



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