One major home improvement project that needs to be carefully planned and thought out is installing a garage door. To guarantee a successful installation, some particular factors and adjustments must be made when installing an 8-foot garage door. This post will discuss the essential elements to take into account and the adjustments required to install an 8-foot garage door.

To ensure a successful installation, installing an 8-foot garage door involves careful consideration of several factors and may require specific modifications. When navigating the considerations and modifications for installing an 8ft garage door, seeking the advice and expertise of a professional garage door installer or visiting the Bestar site can be very beneficial.

Can Larger Cars Like Trucks Or Vans Fit Through An 8-ft Garage Door?

Larger cars, like trucks or vans, can usually fit through an 8-foot garage door, though it may vary depending on the exact measurements of the vehicles. Even though an 8-foot garage door offers a standard-sized opening, different trucks and vans may have different heights and widths, which could make it difficult to enter and exit the cars in the 8-foot garage door.

To guarantee a good fit, it might be necessary to take into account extra adjustments or different solutions for large or customized cars with wider or higher rooflines. In the end, even though an 8-foot garage door can typically fit a large number of trucks and vans, it’s important to take into account the precise measurements of the cars and trucks.

Planning To Install 8 Ft Garage Door 

  • Architectural Integrity

It’s important to evaluate the garage’s structural soundness before installing an 8-foot garage door. The new garage door’s weight and functionality must be supported by the opening. It might be required to make changes to reinforce the opening of the garage door if the current structure is insufficient for best garage door planning. 

  • Headroom and Approval

 The headroom and clearance needed for an 8-foot garage door to operate smoothly is one of the main factors to take into account when installing one. There should be enough room above the aperture to fit the tracks and the door. Modifications like modifying the track system or adding a low-headroom kit might be required if the headroom is restricted.

  • Sideroom 

An 8-foot garage door must be installed correctly, which requires enough side room. To accommodate the tracks and enable smooth door movement, there should be enough space between the opening and the side walls. Modifications like changing the track spacing or adding unique hardware might be necessary if the side room is at a premium.

  • Electrical Wiring and Compatibility with Openers

The compatibility of an 8-foot garage door with the current electrical wiring and garage door opener must be taken into account when installing the door. It could be necessary to make changes to the wiring and installation of the necessary sensors for the new door and opener system to work together seamlessly.

  • Insulation and Wind Load

When installing an 8-foot garage door, wind load and insulation considerations may be required, depending on the location and climate. Meeting local building codes and standards may necessitate modifications like adding insulation to improve energy efficiency or strengthening the door for wind resistance.

Adjustment for Installing 8ft Garage Door

  • Integration

In certain situations, the height of an 8-foot garage door may require adjusting the current track system. To guarantee correct alignment and seamless operation, this may entail moving the tracks, putting in new track hangers, or changing the track angle. An 8-foot garage door should give most trucks and vans of standard size enough clearance to enter and exit the garage without any problems.

  • Adjusting the spring and Counterbalance

The 8 ft garage door’s spring and counterbalance mechanism are essential for supporting the door’s weight and enabling movement. To ensure correct balance and tension when installing an 8-foot garage door, adjustments to the spring and counterbalance system might be required. It helps to adjust your door perfectly.

  • Strengthening Of the Opening

It might be necessary to make adjustments to the opening’s framing or add reinforcement beams or braces if it is not structurally sound or does not provide enough support for an 8-foot garage door. This will help to ensure the opening’s stability and integrity. It also increases the lifetime of your garage door.

  • Setup of a Low-Headroom Set

To adjust the track system and provide the necessary clearance for an 8-foot garage door, it might be necessary to install a low-headroom kit in situations where there is not enough headroom. Usually, this kit comes with unique track parts and hardware intended for low-clearance applications of an 8 ft garage door.

  • Changes in the Opening Device System

To guarantee compatibility and correct operation, the garage door opener system may need to be modified when installing an 8-foot garage door. To accommodate the new door size, this may entail upgrading the opener. Thermo Lock Insulation Technology, found in Bestar Model 5000 garage doors, combines six benefits for improved strength and insulation.


For those looking for a safe and stylish option for their garages, 8 feet is a practical and adaptable choice for both businesses and homeowners. There are many options to suit various needs and preferences because a wide range of materials, designs, and opening mechanisms are available. There is an ideal 8-foot garage door to match any professional, whether they prefer a steel, aluminum, or wood door.



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