Every bride has a dream to look fabulous at her wedding. Starting from head to toe everything should be perfect. 

There are many essential things, a bride should wear on the day of her wedding. Every piece of jewelry that a bride wears on her wedding day has its importance. 

If you are searching for a stunning bridal look then you should follow the given article which has a list of some essential pieces of jewellery that an Indian bride should have on her list to look stunning.

1. Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is the main bridal symbol of any lady. The most important culture in any Indian marriage is ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’, which consists of about 43 rituals, especially in Maharashtrian. 

Some interesting rituals are also played in this. The groom wears a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck which is the sign of true marriage. 

After 7 rounds around the fire, the bride and groom are made to stand face to face and both of them touch each other’s heads with their heads. 

It means that both will think like each other and take every decision of household life together. Apart from Maharashtra, the mangalsutra is also a sweet symbol for the bride in South Indian weddings. 

So, having mangalsutra in the list of your wedding jewellery is essential no matter you buy diamond mangalsutra online or from any physical store.

2. Rani Haar

Although bridal jewelry will be found in many designs, the matter of rani haar is different. the bridal look is incomplete without the rani haar. 

To complete the overall bridal look, not just 2-3 necklace is required, just one rani haar is enough. Their design is such that you do not even need to carry other jewelry. 

If you are also going to be a bride, then you should wear this necklace, it will give you an adorable look and also make your bridal look even more stylish.

3. Bangles

A heavy set of 11, 21, or sometimes 51 bangles is worn on each hand of the bride. This bangles set is also known as the “Chuda” and usually, it is red and white. 

This Chuda is the most common ritual of a Punjabi wedding. The havan is performed by the priest. After the puja, all the people were present there to put their hands on the bangle. After this, the bride is dressed. All the elders bless him.  

It is mandatory to wear a bangle for at least one and a half months after marriage. Now almost all of North India including Delhi, newly married girls have started wearing bangles.

4. Nose ring

Although a nose ring is worn at every Indian wedding, it is a status symbol in Uttarakhand weddings. 

The bigger the gold ring that the girl gets from the in-laws’ side, the higher the status of her in-laws’ house.  Although the Nose pin is the identity of married women unmarried girls can also wear it.  

Small gold patterns are made between the beads and there is a gold pendant in it. In Uttarakhand, it is mandatory for every married woman to always wear a nose ring, it is a sign that a particular lady is married or not.

5. Toe Ring

These are the pair of rings worn in both toes. the same design of the toe ring is worn in both toes. It is called “bichiya” in hindi. In Bihar, the symbol of the bride’s honeymoon is Bichiya, which is given from her maternal home. 

Unmarried girls cannot wear it. After 7 rounds around the fire, the girl’s sister-in-law puts toenails in the bride’s toes. Silver rings are also worn on the thumb along with the four fingers of the foot.  It is worn in religious events, but wearing a toe in two fingers is a must for every married woman.

6. Chocker Necklace

While those many jewels are useful for their attention, the most important a brides seem to fall in love with is the classic choker necklace. 

A choker is a fitted necklace worn around the neck and gives a stylish and bold look to the bride“These chokers add glamour and stylish look to your traditional. 

Choker necklaces are trendy must-have jewellery for today’s brides. And, there is a diverse range of choker necklaces. 

7. Earrings

Along with the rani haar and chocker necklace, the long bold earrings will add an extraordinary look to the bride. 

“Jhumka” is the perfect choice for any bride, these are the long earrings that a most commonly preferred by any bride. Long earrings are the current trend and any bride can go for long jhumka earrings, which will look perfect with any bridal outfit. 

Those earrings can be worn again and again for every occasion. Choose those jhumkas which are light in weight and easy to wear, as you are looking to wear them again and again.

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8. Maang Tikka

To elevate the complete bridal look, just one piece that adds to the beauty of the bride is the maang tikka.  

It is a traditional piece of head jewellery worn by Indian brides, the maang tikka has suddenly gained popularity. Maang tikkas are a quick way to add some glamour to an outfit. A Heavy pair of earrings and a beautiful maang tikka complete the entire look of the bride. 

9. Kamar Band

It is a piece of jewellery worn around the waist of the bride is called a Kamar band. The newlyweds keep a bunch of keys hanging in the waistband. 

It is believed that wearing a waistband shows that the lady is married and now she is the owner of her house.

10. Ring

The ring is worn on the finger and can be worn by both married and unmarried ladies. Just a few days before the wedding, a ceremony of engagement is done. 

In which the bride and groom wear rings to each other. The ring has been considered a symbol of mutual love and trust between husband and wife for centuries.

Along with the dress of the bride and makeup, the above mentioned are the list of some of the most essential jewellery which is necessary to complete the entire look of the bride. So this is where some jewellery list for the bride-to-be, to look stunning in her wedding.

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