If you’re into surfing, skating or sports of any kind, chances are, you might have seen a pair of Arnette sunnies in your time. Heck – you probably have owned a pair.

Arnette sunglasses are one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable sunglasses brands out there and have been dominating the eyewear industry since the early 90s.

With features like scratch resistant lenses, lightweight frames, and their ability to take a hit, it’s no wonder Arnette sunnies have become so popular in the sports world.

Whether you’re looking for your first pair of Arnette’s or you’re looking to expand your Arnette collection, keep reading cos we’re going to tell you about 5 of the most iconic styles available today.

The Arnette Quick Draw Sunglasses

We’re starting off with a pair of sunnies that works for both life and sports – the Quick Draw. Featuring a small, rectangular frame, the Quick Draws suit a wide variety of face shapes.

The fit of this pair is close and comfortable, with a wraparound style that won’t budge, which means that no matter what you’re up to, they will stay put.

You can also get these with polarised lenses so that you can cut down the glare and feel comfortable even when you’re in the sunniest of conditions.

The simple and flattering shape of the Quick Draws has made them into one of the most popular styles of Arnette’s out there.

The Arnette Unreal Sunglasses

Another wraparound style that offers a comfortable fit for active people is the Arnette Unreal sunnies. A medium sized style frame, these ones are flattering for most people and their lightweight nature ups the comfort stakes.

Even though they are lightweight, they can handle a fair bit of action, so even if you move a bit too fast for them, you don’t have to worry about damage. The plastic polymer frame is durable and withstanding.

You will also have all the protection you would expect with the polarised lenses offering 100% UV protection and better vision clarity.

Oh, and the Unreals are part of the Arnette Creative Exchange System, meaning you can swap the arms out for other colours and really create your own look. Now, that’s unreal.

The Arnette Hot Shot Sunglasses

With a slightly upcurved rectangular frame, the Arnette Hot Shot sunnies are really made to enhance your abilities on and off the sporting field.

Lens coated with Iridium help to reduce glare and adjust to environmental conditions, all the while not compromising your vision clarity, and the light, plastic frame improve comfort, even when you wear them for long periods.

While they certainly look awesome, the Hot Shots are the perfect athletic pair of sunnies.

The Arnette Dropout Sunglasses

Somewhat reminiscent of Ray Ban’s Wayfarer style sunnies, Arnette has put their own spin on this classic shape with the Drop Out style.

Lightweight grilamid is not only comfortable, but also highly flexible and durable, being able to handle impacts, drops and even touchy weather.

You can also customise these bad boys by changing out the temple arms to create your own style. Hey, why not grab a few different temple arm colours and you’re going to have loads of sunglasses options to work with.

And because these frames are made from plastic, they are a pretty affordable pair of Arnettes!

The Arnette Slickster Sunglasses

Similar to the dropouts, the slicksters harness the retro cool appeal of the Wayfarer sunglasses style. More so an everyday pair than a sporting style, the Slicksters offer you 100% UVA and UVB protection and a comfortable fit.

Even though the Slicksters are more of an everyday pair of shades rather than a sporty one, you don’t need to worry if you find yourself in an impromptu game of footy or something because the lightweight grilamid frame is sturdy and can handle a knock or two, while the visual clarity of the lenses are going to have you seeing like a hawk.

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