Planning a romantic, rustic wedding in the countryside is a dream for many couples. The beautiful scenery, fresh air and intimate setting make rural locations popular choices to tie the knot. With some thoughtful planning, you can have the idyllic countryside wedding you’ve always imagined.

Choosing the Venue

The venue sets the tone and style for the entire event. When planning a rustic country wedding, look for locations that embrace the natural surroundings. Bromwich Park, with its cow barn, green gardens, and milking parlour, is the perfect Shropshire wedding location.

Shropshire weddings offer breathtaking backdrops at venues like barns, farms, vineyards and country estates. Do your research to find sites that fit your vision. Wedding venues Shropshire Shrewsbury provide charming options both in the county’s towns and remote rural areas.

When making your selection, consider capacity, on-site accommodation, catering policies, and any venue restrictions. It is highly recommended that you tour potential sites in person.

Decor and Style

Rustic weddings revolve around natural elements like wood, stone, greenery and seasonal flowers. Incorporate these materials into your decor for an earthy, romantic look. For the ceremony, an outdoor garden or meadow location framed by trees or rolling hills is ideal.

Wooden benches or chairs with simple floral accents create a cosy seating area. To set the mood, suspend twinkling string lights overhead. For a casual country vibe, the reception can take place in a pole tent, pavilion, or barn. Features like bare wood tables, mason jar centrepieces, and homey touches like vintage books, wildflowers, and lanterns enhance the style.

Attire and Accessories

Rustic weddings allow you to relax traditional formalwear in favour of more casual attire with country flair. Brides can consider elegant lace or floral gowns rather than ornate satin ballgowns. Grooms can opt for linen suits or vests with trousers and suspenders. For bridesmaids and groomsmen, looks like sundresses and rolled chambray shirts fit right in.

In lieu of structured bouquets and boutonnieres, looser arrangements of locally grown wildflowers and herbs have an organic feel. Wreaths made of dried grasses or baby’s breath give a whimsical touch. Weathered wood, stone or antler accents for jewellery and corsages stay consistent with the earthy theme.

Food and Drink

The cuisine at rustic weddings emphasises fresh, seasonal ingredients in a comforting, hearty style. Barbecue, wood-fired pizza, family-style pot roasts and buffet-style appetisers capture the laid-back atmosphere. Massive grazing tables piled high with local produce, artisan breads, cheeses and cured meats encourage guests to dig in. 

Signature cocktails featuring local spirits or wine from nearby vineyards make for a unique bar menu. Pies, cobblers, or homemade cakes around a late-night bonfire satisfy sweet tooths. Offering a selection of local beers and ales keeps things relaxed and fun.

Activities and Entertainment

Rustic weddings in the countryside open up many possibilities for activities to keep guests engaged in the fresh air and natural scenery. Outdoor games like croquet, ladder ball or giant Jenga are perfect for the reception lawn. Late-night bonfires with blankets for stargazing provide cosy hangout spots.

Local musicians like blues bands, fiddlers, and acoustic guitars add to the regional vibe. For snacks and sweets, you can even set up a DIY s’mores bar with all the fixings. The countryside offers endless ways to immerse your guests in the rustic setting.

With thoughtful planning and creative touches, you can have the storybook rustic wedding you’ve always wanted. Celebrate your love surrounded by natural beauty and rustic romance.



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