Your hair is your best asset, and you adore it-rightfully so. It is only right to want to pamper your hair till it looks lustrous, voluminous, healthy, and shining all the time. But are you choosing the right components to boost your hair growth from the inside?

Many people are not aware of the monumental importance of collagen in hair growth. You are probably aware of how collagen is the glue and the protein that holds your body together and gives your skin the strength and elasticity it needs to stay radiant.

As you advance in years, you need to have a component that helps replace your dead skin cells are you grow old. But you are probably unaware of just how crucial collagen is for your HAIR too. This protein is an essential component for replenishing your hair loss and making your mane stronger, luscious and healthier. 

The building block collagen exists naturally in the human body, but once we start growing old, the rate at which our bodies produce collagen starts decreasing. This is the primary reason why you start shedding more hair, start developing wrinkles, and your skin begins to sag. Collagen deficiency is most likely the reason behind that distressing bunch of hair you lose every day. 

Luckily, collagen supplements can tackle all these problems. 

Here are 7 reasons why you need collagen to support your hair growth. 

  1. Supplies Amino Acids

Keratin makes up the majority of your hair, and this is why your body needs amino acids so much. These acids help build keratin which you can find present in collagen. By consuming collagen and other proteins, you give your body a substance to break into amino acids. 

These amino acids then help your body form new compounds and proteins for active hair growth. Your body can make eleven nonessential amino acids, while your diet can supply nine essential amino acids. You will find three nonessential amino acids in collagen. These include:

  • Hydroxyproline
  • Glycine
  • Proline
  1. Enhanced Elasticity

Just like we discussed above, amino acids help build keratin protein. When collagen supplies amino acids to your body, your hair ultimately begins to strengthen, and the elasticity in it improves. When the strands improve in quality overall, your hair becomes less brittle and less prone to breakages. 

Also, collagen contains omega 3s and 6s, which are even more essential for hair hydration. 

  1. Repairs Damage

Your hair follicles suffer the most damage from free radicals, and collagen helps combat that. This essential component serves as an antioxidant and helps the body fight against harmful radicals. 

A lot of factors create the harmful compounds we know of as free radicals. These include:

  • Environmental influences
  • Alcohol
  • Poor diet
  • Smoking
  • Air pollutants
  • Stress

Ultimately, these can rob your body of essential proteins and DNA but, most importantly, damage your hair follicles. Collagen can strengthen your body’s defense against free radicals and promote healthier and stronger locks. 

  1. Moisturizes

Collagen supplements do wonders for your body’s protein absorption capacity. By supporting your digestive tract, healing and protecting the gut lining, collagen helps you soak in maximum proteins. All of these reach your scalp and revitalize the follicles, thus giving you healthier hair. 

Apart from giving you a healthy digestive tract, you will find great harmony between collagen and hyaluronic acid, and other components; together, these rebuild your dermis structure, moisturize your skin and the environment surrounding your follicles. 

Your blood vessels in the dermis also receive a vital boost, causing better nutrient diffusion and more moisturized hair. 

  1. Reduces Age-Impacted Hair Thinning

Collagen is the foundation for the roots of your hair, your skin’s middle layer, and also seventy percent of your dermis. This combines to enhance the strength and elasticity of your dermis, and also, you combat hair thinning even as you advance in years. 

While growing old, the body’s capacity to produce collagen diminishes, and it fails to replenish the dermis cells sufficiently. As a result, your hair starts growing thinner with time. Collagen can improve your skin’s elasticity and counteract the potential effects of skin aging. With collagen consumption, you support better hair growth and lesser thinning. 

  1. Follicle Regeneration

Doctors around the world recommend collagen for boosting hair growth and regeneration. It is because of the natural antioxidant properties of collagen that you are able to experience a boost to your natural hair growth process. 

The metabolic processes are the main culprits that allow the production of free radicals. When these harmful compounds begin damaging the follicles, you start losing hair. Thankfully, collagen consumption helps you neutralize the terrible compounds and allows your locks to grow back stronger. 

  1. Prevents Graying

Again, the antioxidant properties present in collagen reduce damage to your cells and, consequentially, slow down graying. Although genetics play a vital role in bringing gray hair on your, free radicals play an active part in premature hair graying, 

The problem lies in the melanin pigment production that reduces as a person begins to grow old. When the pigment starts depleting and can no longer color our hair naturally, the strands start turning gray or white. Then come the free radicals, all due to environmental pollutants, poor diet, stress, and other factors that also destroy the melanin-creating cells. 

When collagen provides you with sufficient antioxidants for fighting the free radicals, you curb the damage to a great extent. Collagen also minimizes the damage to color-producing cells and slows down the graying process. While research on this topic is still underway, it is safe to conclude that collagen is a helpful component in this regard too. 

Final Thoughts

You can use collagen to boost your hair’s health and growth in multiple ways. From moisturizing the locks to fighting free radicals, this powerful component does miraculous things for your mane. Collagen also supports the keratin protein, furthermore enhancing your hair’s structure. 

The amino acids your body derives from collagen also replenish the hair proteins and strengthen your skin holding the hair roots. As a result, your follicles stay safe against damage while the graying process also minimizes. 

You can use collagen supplements in a variety of ways, including adding them to your food and drinks. 



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