Sun-kissed hair is lightened from the mid to the tip while leaving some patches naturally dark. It’s a beautiful style for people with black hair and wants to give it a sun-kissed glow.

You can achieve this by combining multiple warm tones colors to get the gorgeous sun-kissed shade at the comfort of your home.

If your hair has a light color like blonde, coloring it with highlights or auburn hair colors will make it more vibrant. If you are not sure about mixing the colors, seek help from a professional colorist.

Once you have achieved that gorgeous auburn hair color, here are some steps to follow to take care of it and maintain it.

Colored hair requires special care. You will need to change your hair care routine to maintain the vibrant color of your sun-kissed hair.

7 Pro Tips – Take Care of Your Sun-Kissed Hair

Apply Shine Products

To keep your sun-kissed hair vibrant, apply shine products to make your hair glow and shimmer in the eyes of many. There are shine hair products in the market that give your hair that sparkle and protect it from frizz.

Apply the shine products before blow-drying your hair, leave it in for a few minutes, and then rinse. Once you have blow-dried your hair, apply more to maintain the sun-kissed look for a long time.

Use a flat Iron for Beach Waves

Beach waves are one of the hairstyles that suit almost everybody. It is a cool style that is beautiful and appears effortless to achieve.

Pairing this style with sun-kissed hair makes it look more gorgeous. The easiest way to achieve beach waves effortlessly is by using a flat iron.

Use Heat Protectant

Before using any hair heating tool on your sun-kissed auburn hair, make sure you apply some heat protectant. Continuous heating tools can dry your hair, making it brittle and prone to damage.

Using a heat protectant provides a shielding layer against excessive heat. It protects your hair from burning and becoming dull. It leaves your hair smooth and looking healthy and shiny.

Use Products Ideal for Color Treated Hair

If your hair is not naturally sun-kissed, you should switch to hair products like shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, and hair vitamins that are formulated for color-treated hair.

The ends and light pieces of your hair are fragile and may require intense conditioning to make them last longer.

Opt for hydrating shampoos and conditioners so that they can leave your sun-kissed hair looking healthy.

You can also use hair masks to eliminate frizz, avoid splitting, breakage, and restore the shine.

Use Lukewarm Water to Wash Your Hair

Using water that is too hot while washing your sun-kissed hair will strip your strands it’s essential oils. This will make your hair feel and appear dull and dry.

To avoid this, use lukewarm water to wash and rinse your hair if you want it’s healthy shine to last for long.

Trim and Tone Your Hair

The good thing with sun-kissed hair is that it requires low maintenance. All you have to do is trim and tone your hair. Let your stylist trim your hair so that it can remain in good shape.

It also needs to be toned once in a while because regular washing and other environmental factors like the sun can make your hair fade.

Color the faded areas affected by the sun to make your sun-kissed effect reflect easily.

Keep it Simple

If you want to keep your sun-kissed hair looking good for long, it’s best to keep it simple with everything, including their highlights.

The areas around your face and the ends of your strands are susceptible to fading. Add some highlights around these areas to bring out the sun-kissed effect but don’t overdo it.

Recolor your hair at least 3-4 times a year. To avoid going wrong with the blend of colors, work with a stylist to bring out the perfect unique look.


Sun-kissed hair is among the most beautiful hair. But, to keep your hair shining and glowing all year round requires special care and a maintenance routine. Following these tips will keep your sun-kissed hair in effect for longer.

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