You don’t have to suffer in silence if you have thinning hair or a hair loss issue. Today there are many different options to help regrow hair or increase volume. Whether you want to use a topical hair serum or choose a supplement, there are plenty of hair growth products on the market. Here are the top hair growth pills of 2023:

Key Ingredients Powering Growth

Hair growth pills rely on key ingredients to support the hair follicles. Most supplements include a blend of vitamins and nutrients that support the building blocks of the hair follicle cells. Here are common ingredients in hair supplements:

  • Biotin – This helps stimulate hair growth through keratin production.
  • Vitamins – Vitamins A, C and D are essential in supporting hair fullness.
  • Collagen – Collagen boosts hair follicle strength and luster.
  • Folic Acid – This nutrient helps regulate the cortisol and stress hormones in the body.
  • Saw Palmetto – DHT is a hormone that is responsible for hair loss in some situations. This nutrient can block your body’s production of DHT.

Popular Brands and Their Formulas

There are many different types of hair growth supplements available for purchase through your dermatologist or without a prescription. You have to look at each product’s formula and list of ingredients to see if it measures up to the standard in hair science. Consider pairing your supplement with hair serum for growth to speed up your results.


The vegan supplement Wellbel is a popular choice for people with hair loss. Men can try their formula designed for male pattern baldness. Women have two options for hair growth – the standard women’s formula and the supplement for women aged 45 and up.


Nutralfol is another top product that often makes the list of best hair growth supplements. If you compare Nutrafol vs Wellbel, you’ll see some similar ingredients. Nutrafol also makes separate formulas for men, women and mature women.

Untangled Hair Supplement

The next supplement to try for hair growth or thinning is Untangled Hair Supplement from Foundation Skincare. This supplement has one proprietary formula for men and women. It incorporates top ingredients, such as biotin, horsetail stem, collagen and saw palmetto in an oral daily supplement.

OLLY Heavenly Hair

If you prefer a gummy instead of a pill, OLLY Heavenly Hair may be a great choice. This supplement uses zinc, biotin, silica and horsetail stem to help reduce hair thinning and shedding. People who have trouble swallowing a daily capsule may see better results from a chewable gummy.


Another way you can boost your hair follicle production is by adding collagen to your diet. Thorne is a collagen powder that you can mix in a drink or a smoothie every day. Collagen is an ingredient in keratin production and helps with healthy skin, nails and hair.


Women who are pregnant or nursing have to be careful about the hair supplements they take. FullWell is a safe option for pregnant or nursing mothers. It is a prenatal vitamin supplement that has choline and may help boost hair production.

Taking a daily hair supplement for growth could help you revitalize your tresses and increase your self-confidence. Try one of these growth pills on the list to improve your locks.

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