The search for the ideal lehenga hairstyle has come to an end here! Nowadays, most brides prefer to wear a lehenga to all their wedding events. One thing that often stumps them is how to style their hair to match their outfit.

While much significance is given to the marriage outfit before the wedding, the lehenga hairstyles game has also gained a lot of popularity. The brides of 2024 no longer prefer those simple buns with a bridal dupatta over their heads. The brides prefer loose braids and loose hair over traditional hair buns. However, you can use your hairstyle as an accessory just like brides do these days.

I have compiled the 20 best lehenga hairstyles, which you should immediately pin to your Pinterest boards to solve this problem!

1. Loose side braid

Loose side braid

A simple yet stunning lehenga hairstyle is this stunning loose side braid with floral accessories! Pro tip: Wear it for a daytime pre-wedding occasion like Mehndi or haldi.

2. Loose beachy waves as a bridal hairstyle for a lehenga

Loose beachy waves as a bridal hairstyle for a lehenga

Beachy waves are so much in fashion. If you are opting for a destination wedding or you’re going to a daytime spring wedding and plan to wear a pastel lehenga, this hairstyle is a surefire winner.

3. Floral tiara and curly side braid

Floral tiara and curly side braid

This voluminous side twist is wonderful to wear with a lehenga; particularly if you want to sport a tiara. If you have long hair, curly braid will look awesome on you. However, if you have short or medium length hair but you still would like to opt for this hair style, you can ask your hairstylist to add human hair extensions. This will add length and volume to your side curly braid.

4. Hairstyle with a middle-parted puff and loose, blow-dried locks

Hairstyle with a middle-parted puff and loose, blow-dried locks

Are you looking for a less-than-opulent wedding day look? This marriage hairdo with center separated puff and free blow-dried braids is the perfect haircut for lehenga that you were searching for.

5. Medium-length half-up, half-down hairstyle

Medium-length half-up, half-down hairstyle

Are you a bridesmaid looking for a straightforward lehenga hairstyle? Save this half-up-half-down haircut at the present time!

6. Rose bun hairdo for a lehenga with pastel flowers

Rose bun hairdo for a lehenga with pastel flowers

An exemplary rose bun never becomes unfashionable, right? During pheras, you can wear this Indian wedding hairstyle with your bridal lehenga!

7. Beachy waves with half-up rose bun

Beachy waves with half-up rose bun

Petite rose buns are in and how! The perfect engagement hairstyle to wear with your lehenga is this one with a half-up rose bun and lose beachy waves! Half-up rose bun will add so much grace to your wedding dress. You can accessorize your hair style with real gypsy flowers.

8. Bow-style half-up hair styling with free twists

Bow-style half-up hair styling with free twists

Extravagant a Minnie Mouse-style bow on your hair? Just for you, this super-cute Indian wedding hairstyle with bow and lose curls is perfect!

9. Side parted conventional bun

Side parted conventional bun

This stylish and contemporary hairdo can be done with a majority of the dresses. Whether you’re wearing a bridal lehenga, a sharara, a gown, an Indo-Western look, or both; this haircut would elevate and upgrade your whole look. Add a low-hanging, soft bun to one side and side sweep your hair from the front with a parting. You can either wear hair accessories to make the look even more glamorous or leave it as it is.

10. Short curled up open hair

Short curled up open hair

The hairstyles, which are an essential part of weddings and should be given as much attention and attention to detail as the bridal lehenga and the accessories, include short open hair with soft curls. For those of you, who never had confidence in the magnificence of long, dark, straight manes; You should get this one. Choose waves and curls toward the end of your hair if your hair is short and you want to give it an edge on your wedding day.

11. Beachy waves with an open side parting

Beachy waves with an open side parting

If you’re happy with the quality, volume, and length of your hair; There is no reason not to show it off. This straightforward and uncomplicated hairstyle lets you show off your style rather than hiding it behind a bulky veil. Attempt this simple, side-separated, free-streaming wavy hair do to feature your hair quality. Match it up with a maang teeka and weighty hoops to finish the look.

12. Crystals and pearls for an open hairstyle

Crystals and pearls for an open hairstyle

This hairstyle is a great way to dress up your bridal look in a graceful way. With regards to picking the right haircut with embellishments for your #ShaadiLook, precious stones and pearls act the hero! Allow your hair to float along with twists, and remember to top it up with some sparkling open hair adornments.

13. Half-up soft curls and accessories

Half-up soft curls and accessories

Soft curls, braids, and a crystal-accented hair accessory. For a sweet but exotic open hairstyle, this bride chose a golden accessory inspired by a brooch and chain. Searching for a precious stone hair extra for open hair? The search is over here!

14. The Hollywood waves with open hair

The Hollywood waves with open hair

Do you like perfectly curled hair? Say no more! This basic hairdo will add appeal to your pre-wedding and post-wedding look. Why settle on a typical hairdo when you can go all-out with these captivating Hollywood waves?

15. Finger waves

Finger waves

Don’t want floral jewellery or hair accessories? Choose a royal finger wave hairstyle instead of a more complicated one. Have you ever seen a hairstyle with finger waves? At your reception ceremony, this retro hairstyle will make you look stunning.

16. The Pearl-Bun

The Pearl-Bun

We can’t get enough of this dreamy look from a wedding event! Do you adore hair buns to a tee? This hairstyle is pretty and fuss-free for a D-day look if you are a bride with long, thick hair. This beautiful and straightforward hairstyle completes the look with simple twists and turns. Add delicate pearls to this simple hairstyle to make it stand out and make you look like a princess.

17. High Ponytail for the Glam

High Ponytail for the Glam

Do you know what’s popular right now? A sophisticated bridal ponytail cut! The ponytail’s flowing waves are what makes this look so stunning. Choose this easy new hairstyle to up your style quotient and show off your beauty to the fullest.

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18. Long poker straight hair

Long poker straight hair
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Do you adore twists but don’t want to overdo it for your wedding? This basic hairdo will be loved by all the brides. If you have long and voluminous hair, and you do not want any styling like buns or curls, you can simply opt for poker straight and open hair. Long hair like Rapunzel that will touch down your waist will look so elegant and classy.  

19. Half and half hairdo

Half and half hairdo

Half-and-half twisted curls and a twisted braid make a great lehenga wedding hairstyle. When you add some flowers that go well with your lehenga, you’re all set!

20. Butterfly-inspired hair for open hair

Butterfly-inspired hair for open hair

This butterfly-inspired hair stylet is gaining a lot of popularity among young girls! What’s better than adding flowers and accessories to a basic hairstyle? All we need to begin the journey of new beginnings in style is this hairstyle.

21. Passa and mang tika for side separated open hairdo

Passa and mang tika for side separated open hairdo

The mix of Passa and Maang Tikka highlights your face and hairdo. The flamboyant vibes of this side Passa hairstyle complete the wedding appearance. This open hairstyle is the answer for all the oh-so-modest brides who want to nail their bridal hairstyle!

Conclusion –

Use these stunning images of simple hairstyles to enhance your wedding appearance and match your stunning wedding dress. The texture of the hair is delicately brightened by accessorizing a simple hairstyle with cute accessories. Keep it classy and beautiful and show off your bridal beauty to the fullest.



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