Moving out of your current home and into a new one takes a lot of consideration and preparation. It isn’t a decision to be made lightly since the process and results are so life-changing. However, if you are excited to find somewhere new to live and want to sell your current home, this step-by-step guide will give you a quick list of details you should think about.

Decide If Now is the Time to Sell

Even if you feel like you want a change of scenery soon, now may not be the best time for you to sell. There is more to this decision than simply where you want to live and when. It’s also about being sensible with your investment and not throwing money down the drain. Look at trends in the market to see whether or not you should wait before setting in motion the process of putting your home up for sale.

Think About Your Position in the Chain

If you can only buy a new home once you have sold your existing home, you are part of a chain. Similarly, if the person buying your property can’t complete the sale until they’ve sold their current home, they are also part of this chain. Knowing the constituent parts and how they interact will keep you informed during the sales process and manage your expectations for timelines.

Have Your Home Valued and Inspected

Deciding how much to ask for when putting your home on the market can be surprisingly difficult. You will need to research the prices of similar properties in your area and current trends within the housing market. It’s useful to have at least one house valuation to determine what your asking price should be. Remember that buyers will usually want to negotiate, so consider this when setting your price. Your home inspection will help you identify possible issues with your property and resolve them before setting an asking price.

Stage Your Home for Viewings and Photographs

Once you have decided that selling is your right choice, it’s time to get your home ready for viewings and marketing materials. Perform a deep clean and declutter so that your home looks its best. Repair minor flaws such as squeaky doors or chipped paint. If you think it will help make a better impression, you could even rearrange your furniture to highlight your property’s potential.

Pack Up and Hand Over the Keys

After viewings are complete and an offer has been accepted, you must follow the steps set out to you by your solicitor. They will help you fulfill the legal side of selling your property. On the agreed moving day, make sure all your possessions have been removed so you can give the keys to the new owner.

You must be on the ball when going through a property sale. Since so much money is on the line, you must pay attention to every detail and stick to the process every step of the way. This isn’t just to keep you on the right side of the law but also to make it easier for you, especially if you’ve never been in the position of selling property before. Use this quick guide to make your house sale less stressful and more exciting.



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