Whenever one says “the best,” it feels like a concept – and a subjective one at that rate. Regarding what we think are the “best” watch brands, they can span a vast range. Classifying grandma’s cooking, The Beatles, or Lionel Messi as the “best” in their avenues is easier. 

The best watch brands have roots where craftsmanship and sentimental value can be concerned. They also make great gifts for big moments and significant milestones: birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. If you invest in them, they will last forever. Not only do you get something that can elevate your outfit, but you’ll also get something that will last a lifetime.

We’ve assembled four (4) of the most well-rounded watch brands so you can peek at the best and get the best value for your money! 


We’re opening with Seiko because Seiko has the perfect marriage of affordability, dependability, and stylishness. The revered brand began when Kintaro Hattori opened a shop in Tokyo that sold and repaired clocks and watches. After eleven (11) years, the Seikosha factory began, so history was made. Seiko has flourished. And now, Seiko develops and designs the components of its watches. Its appeal is nostalgic, especially to watch enthusiasts who have a fondness for understated yet technically robust designs.

Its specialty lies in its quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, especially its exceptional water resistance. Seiko watches have water resistance, which other brands do not feature. Moreover, its precision, durability, and accuracy have helped it carve a name for itself. 

Check out their offerings via the Seiko boutique


Swiss watch brand Omega has been the Olympics’ official timekeeper since 1932. They’ve since supplied watches to the British Armed Forces in the 1940s, and astronauts wore their Speedster watch on the Apollo 11 mission. Its offerings have also graced the wrists of several James Bonds. 

According to Ron Gordon, a New York City watchmaker, the Omega movements like Caliber 1120 and 861 are reliable, functional, and sturdy workhorses. Moreover, the intricacy of movement, precious materials, unique designs, and complications value Omega watches. The automatic movements found in Omega watches make them expensive. Stringent time tests formulated by COSC have also subjected the movements to them.


Imagine the Richard Mille watch as a mansion in Calabasas with its go-kart track. With Cartier, you can imagine it better as an estate in Newport, its design reminiscent of the Gilded Age. Plenty of the models from this brand have mostly stayed the same since the 1920s. For this reason, many people enjoy the brand. Money talks. And wealth? Wealth makes people turn their heads and whisper. 

Cartier is a beacon of elegance, innovation, and timeless appeal in the wide world of fine watchmaking. Founded in 1847, Cartier’s name has been linked with luxury, sophistication, and pieces that go beyond function and delve more into art. Cartier stands for freedom, creativity, and excellence. These values help shape the vision for Cartier and the watches they produce. 


Sophistication and functionality at an affordable price is what Timex offers. Founded in America, Timex has continued to be faithful to its affordability. However, it has pieces that can give others a run for their money. Todd Snyder recently collaborated with them, giving the designs a more industrial twist. 

Wrapping Up

We’ve rounded a holistic brand roundup. Here are some of the most iconic brands to grace the horological world. Thankfully, everyone has something for them on this list! 



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