After the 2020 and 2021 weird fashion trends, 2022 has brought some refreshing fashions that ladies will love to hear about.

From Top Street styles to the runways, here are all women would admire to follow this year. The fashion trend from the last 60 years was gathered from runways and fashion magazines. 

It is now social media influencers who are showcasing and dictating the newest fashions. 

Before that in 2022, the fashion trend didn’t help the general public in a sense of inspiration. We can see that still, the industry has gone through in 2020, and 2021 to bring light to social media-driven digital trends and graceful clothing. 

Compared to last year’s natural looks, 2022 is showcasing fresher and bolder looks, driven by a need to come back to ordinary life.


Crochet dresses are the favorite sets of celebrities in the summer of 2022. Crochet sets have become a style of choice for the beachside holidays and summer day outs. 

This was seen at Dolce and Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, and Lisa Maree. 

These are the 70’s top pickups and are, arguably, a blowing fashion trend by Harry Styles.

Ever since the launch of the “Watermelon Sugar” video, the popularity of crochet is on the rise. According to fashion search, the crochet set of clothing rose by 85% particularly. 


Oversized hoodies work wonders. And the same excitement goes with the boxy blazers too. You can get thinner hoodies to make them go with the tailored blazers so you don’t mess with the outfit. 

This was seen at Off White, Gucci, Palace, and Stussy.

It is currently one of the most popular fashion styles that are rocking the trends, however, the ever-so cozy hoodie is worn with a twist.

Wearing a hoodie with an oversized blazer is no more just a street style cut, but has turned into a mainstream. A quarantine staple-piece hoodie under a blazer overwhelms your style, preferably a darker, solid hue. That must be plain – without too much embroidery and prints. 

A slim, tapered hoodie with a dark solid blazer. Wear slacks or denim, whichever you like – depending on the occasion you attend.

3. Abaya dress

An abaya dress is no longer a traditional wear, but it is now being chosen by many to add to their style quotient.

If you already have a simple, plain abaya in your wardrobe, wear it with a thin belt around your waist. And if you haven’t yet got any, then you can get yourself some abaya dresses and go beyond the basic ones to experiment with various styles, embellishments, and designs, allowing you to express your individuality and fashion sense while still embracing the elegance and modesty that abayas represent.

Combining it with a blazer can give you an office look, while styling with an overcoat can complete your winter look.


An oversized bomber jacket is an exclusively chic aesthetic style. Pair them with high-rise sox and oversized women’s sneakers. 

This was seen at Off White, Stussy Awake NY, and Palace. 

Bomber jackets should always be set free on your hips unless you are wearing a slightly cropped style. The clingy cuffs shouldn’t be above your wrist while being careless with the fit. 

The hues are very much neutral, empowering the underneath attire for the effortlessly stylish.


This is an essential addition to your wardrobe if you want to rock and roll the day out and look like a model. You must add a matching belt on your waist and pick a handbag to compliment it.

This was seen at Off White, Noah NYC, Palace, Away NY and Stussy.

This heroic piece has cropped up on the runway in your favorite stores. It is easy to carry, it’s cool and comfortable to wear. 

Leave the stress out for picking pants and shirts and finding their best match, because this is all we are doing now. But this time it is about picking your outfit and slaying.

Boiler suits are very popular for their oversized, and beloved by celebrities, like the Hadid sisters and Irina Shayk. 


Trench coats are a different style of clothing that gives a different feel from the other outfits. Grab a leather trench and wear it over a floral dress or a turtle neck with similar color heels. 

This was seen at Burberry, Nanushka, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana.

No fashion season has ever passed by without the trench being in the trends and the most recent shows already showed this. 

With a military cut, the super practical trench coat is an ever remaining fashion since the first world war. 

This style is perfect for drizzly days. This icon has been every woman’s choice for decades. Roll it with Prada tractor boots to create a military-inspired look.


Leather jackets were a top win in the ’80s and ’90s trends and are still today. It is a must-have clothing for casual office wear, streetwear and even dinner dates. 

In 2021, the oversized jackets were a major failed attempt. Now returning to 2022, clean-cut bomber jackets and biker jackets are capturing the market for their classic style. 

This was seen at Dolce & Gabbana, The Jacket Maker, Brunello Cucinelli, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Dunhill.

Not a fashion season passed by without the leather jacket for women setting into appearance. And this year is no exception.

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Either if it’s a grocery day out or an evening date, match it with a scarf and create a fresh look. 

This was seen at Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini, Kenzo, Alpha Industries, Christopher Kane, and Maison Margiela.

Most fashion trends came into being because they were a ‘trend’. However, some trends have the power to stay longer or sometimes forever, proving themselves to be more fleeting and the puff sleeves are such a perfect example.

Even the puff sleeve cracked the fashion veneer in 2018 when 80’s trends were raving the runways.  Stepping into 2022, the sleeve is more popular than ever earlier.


The chunky pair of white boots paired with a blazer or a long jacket, turtle neck, layered necklace, and same color skirt. A perfect style works best for unconventional social settings.

This was seen at Sophia Webster, WESTERNAFFAIR, Olivia Rubin, Prada, and Jenny Packham.

Pastels are everlasting spring favorites, but this year the style is delicate to daring. The frothy ruffles add romance to short lengths. 

This contemporary elevated 1990’s Barbie pastel wears to a controversial fashion power that crushes every other style on the way. Matching them with sweatsuits can still be another piece of clothing to be worn around the house, but the style works best in social settings.

10. MAXI

It gives you a chance to sneak into that little extra pop, pairing it with bold shoes or a hat and spice up the neutrals on the beach. 

This was seen at Dolce & Gabbana, Ashish, Halpern, Tom Ford, Nina Ricci and Valentino. 

This style has always been one of the most versatile clothing women love to wear. If they are headed to summer nights, do not miss sandals when you leave. And if attending a wedding, dress it up with jewelry and heels of course.

Maxi reached the top popularity in 2021 after some TikTok cottagecore aesthetic trends.


Try the contemporary vest and shirt together for being extra stylistic. 

This was seen at Brunello Cucinelli, Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, Miu Miu, Emilio Pucci.

Vests have long held an essential role both for practical purposes and for suiting. 

However, vests were never a women’s style until the 1970’s when they made an entrance as casual work attire. By the late 1990s and 2000, it became a fashionable clothing trend for women as part of their everyday suiting.

Since then, vests have taken over the runway and streets. This iconic piece is still a style in 2022. Even old sweaters have been largely DIY by cutting off the sleeves and layering a muscle tee over a long-sleeved shirt to bring out a similar style. 


These are only some of the fashion trends that have gone popular this year and yet there’s more to come. And women love to wear trendy clothes even if it’s just for once. But buying and collecting all these clothes could be time-consuming and hectic. Not even mentioning the price factor here. But as a fellow fashion lover, you can either buy replicas or even better: use discount coupons to save on original pieces. Because these fashions aren’t going to stop and we ain’t gonna stop loving them. So keep an eye on the upcoming fashion trends.



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