Everyone knows that when it comes to fashion trends, what goes around, eventually comes back around. Fashion is full of recycled ideas that come in and out of style and that are done a little bit differently every time they reappear. Designers put their own spin on things and reinvent the past to come up with new and innovative styles. 

Fashion can be a great way to express yourself and show the world who you are. So, whether you want some fashion inspiration for the next date you find on Dating Mentor, or you’re just a huge fan of retro fashion, these tips are for you. Here are 7 trends in fashion making a spectacular comeback in 2021!

7 Retro Fashion Trends That Are Back on the Scene 

Platform Shoes

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Remember the glory days of the chunky platform sole? You will soon! 90’s fashion trends have been all the rage recently, and platform shoes are no exception. 

So, get ready to gain some extra inches and invest in some sky-high platforms for a classic, Y2K look.

70’s Prints

Swirling colors and groovy patterns are on the rise once more, with the return of the 70’s print. Look out for florals in your spring wardrobe 2022 and funky, bright prints on your winter party dresses. This is one fun trend we can’t wait to see return!

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Chic and classic trends like headscarves add a refined touch to fashion trends 2021. Already gaining traction as a viral trend on TikTok, this fashion staple is set to make a comeback in a big way. Perfect for casual daywear and protecting your hair from the wind.


Statement Sleeves

One of the greatest fashion trends from the 80s is the iconic shoulder pad. If you yearn for the days of big sleeves and broad-shouldered power suits, you’re in luck. Statement sleeves are back with a range of subtle twists and take on this classic retro style. Look out for ruffles and exaggerated bell-shaped sleeves for a romantic take on this design. Or opt for geometric shoulders for a fabulous workwear look. These structural designs can add balance to tight-fitting outfits and give your everyday wear a sophisticated, avant-garde look. 


Halter Necks

Halter necks were a sweet, fun trend that really took off in the 1990s. As with all things from the ’90s, these styles have recently been doing the rounds on social media, leading to a boom in popularity. Modern takes on the look add new dimensions to the design and allow you to have fun with tops that can be tied and customized in a variety of ways. This ultra-flattering style can work on all body types and can help you get an even shoulder tan in the hot summer months.

Woman in white halter top and red plaid skirt lying on concrete pavement

Mini Skirts

Fashion trends now tend to look back on iconic eras. And has any era so far been as iconic or as fashion-forwards as the 1960s? One of the ’60s most polarizing innovations was the rise of the mini-skirt. While short hemlines have never truly gone out of style since Twiggy made them a household name, be prepared for skirts getting shorter as we head towards fashion trends 2022.

Girl in a mini skirt

Tinted Glasses

Tinted eyewear is pure Y2K nostalgia for anyone who lived through that era. Along with skin-tight leather pants and ultra-low-rise jeans, tinted glasses made a massive comeback this year. Opt for a classic narrow shape with fun, colorful frames to complete a truly retro-inspired look. Or choose bold chunky frames for a cool, glam style. Pink-tinted heart-shaped glasses are also a sweet favorite if you want to pay a girly tribute to the early ’00s. 

Tinted Glasses


Taking inspiration from retro fashion trends is one of the most fun parts of developing a unique and inspired look. These trends were all seriously hot in their day, and it’s great to see how new generations of designers interpret these looks. So, grab your platforms, dust off your flares, and get ready to embrace a whole new era of retro looks in 2022. 

Final Call: Do you love to follow retro fashion? What’s your favorite fashion piece that’s making a comeback? Let us know in the comments!

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