Whether it’s because many people have been working from home on uncomfortable chairs or because the population is aging, more and more people are searching for remedies for their lower back pain online. Sometimes this pain is passing – something like an ache that lasts around a week. Sometimes it’s chronic, causing significant suffering over a long time period and affecting how people live their lives. Given the severity of chronic lower back pain, this article looks at some of the options out there to remedy your pain and help you potentially overcome this ailment.


When it comes to mild lower back pain, a little physiotherapy can go a long way. A massage therapist who has experience working with backs will help you to overcome latent pain by rubbing the areas around your soreness. This should be combined with exercises that will be prescribed by your physiotherapist. 

On the whole, you’re looking for those exercises that will strengthen the muscles around the lower back and abdomen, seeing as it’s these that hold your skeletal structure in place and avoid you slouching or maintaining a posture that is contributing to your back pain and the causes of that pain. By following professional advice and keeping to your exercise schedule, you may find your back pain improve over time. 

Stem Cells

A relatively new form of treatment for lower back pain is the injection of stem cells into the problematic area. This procedure is known as spinal cord injury treatment, and it’s seen as an effective way to improve the lives of certain chronic pain sufferers. You can read more about the science behind this treatment online if you’re interested in checking how researchers came to suggest this treatment for pain patients.

While the injection of stem cells into the spinal cord might feel like a fairly invasive procedure, it’s actually relatively straightforward. Patients prefer such treatments for their relatively speedy results, with some finding that their chronic pain is much improved, or dealt with altogether, after taking this form of treatment in a full course. 

Home Care

As well as the exercises provided by a physiotherapist, there are other things that you can do at home in order to relieve lower back pain. If you do them habitually, you may even find that your lower back pain slowly eases or leaves you altogether. 

If you’re stuck at home with pain in your lower back, you might be tempted to self-medicate with prescription pills or alcohol. This isn’t advised for mild cases, as it will only shield you from the actual causes of your pain. It’s better to use heat – in the form of a hot water bottle, a bath, or heat patches – in order to get your muscles warm, relaxed, and far from tense. This, in turn, can help your back repair and realign into a less painful position. Use these home care treatments to overcome chronic lower back pain from the comfort of your home. 

Make a note of these methods to deal with lower back pain, especially of the chronic variety, to give yourself a chance of overcoming this particular ailment.



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