Physical activity can be sporting or related to everyday activities, e.g. walking or cycling to work or school, using the stairs instead of the lift, gardening, or walking the dog. Regular sporting activities (swimming, tennis, basketball, etc.) at least twice a week helps to

  • increase stamina
  • increase muscle power
  • improve joint flexibility
  • improve heart and vessel efficiency and respiratory function
  • improve mood.

Alternatively, use the weekend for long walks and/or bike rides, dancing and swimming in the pool.

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Physical activity increases performance

By being physically active, you can boost your energy levels. It combats fatigue, which affects many people. At the same time, this boost in energy helps you fight stress, boost your concentration, and make you a better and happier performer.

Physical activity keeps your skin looking young

Everyone is affected by the natural aging of the skin. Although stopping it for good is impossible, it is possible to slow it down. Physical exercise gives the skin a younger, fresher appearance. At the same time, it activates the production of antioxidants. These, in turn, protect the skin from cellular damage. 

Exercise also stimulates blood circulation. This again improves the health of your skin and, therefore, its appearance – without cosmetics or plastic surgery.

Physical activity increases sexual desire

Regular exercise has a direct effect on libido. Exercise promotes flexibility and blood circulation. This promotes both sexual desire and sexual performance. Some urologists recommend practice for older men to reduce the signs of erectile dysfunction.

It makes you smile

Physical activity not only gives you a boost of energy, it also improves your mood. When you do sport, your body releases more endorphins, which create positive feelings and make negative moods disappear. Smiling often can also help combat anxiety.

Advice from the experts

Remember that movement is essential to prevent many diseases:

  • try to be less sedentary: sedentariness predisposes to obesity
  • children and young people should move both at school and in their free time, preferably in the open air
  • exercise is also essential for the elderly
  • moving means walking, playing, dancing and cycling
  • if possible, walk or cycle to work or school
  • if you can, avoid using the lift and take the stairs
  • try to walk at least 30 minutes a day, every day, at a brisk pace
  • take every opportunity to be active (housework, gardening, walking the dog, parking the car further away)
  • engage in sporting activity at least twice a week (or use the weekends for walking, cycling, swimming, and dancing).

In order to support the habit of an active lifestyle, there are recommended initiatives throughout the region, such as ‘walking groups’ and other initiatives that have a health impact both in strictly health terms (prevention of chronic degenerative diseases, environmental improvement, etc.) and psycho-social terms (greater awareness of the need to improve the environment, etc.). ) and psycho-social (greater awareness and civic responsibility, education for autonomy, promotion of socialization, etc.) with an impact not only on the population taking part (young people, the elderly, people with pathologies, etc.).

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