When you or a loved one is addicted to drugs and alcohol, it can have a deep impact on their life and yours. It can ruin relationships, ruin finances, and even take their life. When someone addicted to drugs or alcohol decides to get help, it’s important to choose the best rehab facility.

You want them to have the best chance at recovery, and that means finding the best-rated drug rehab facility for their addiction. Drug rehab in Nottingham has proved to be effective in treating drug and alcohol addiction and giving a person an addiction-free life.

1. The Best Rehab Facility Aligns With Your Goals

It’s not true that every rehab center is the same. They have different methods of recovery and some specialize in specific types such as alcohol or opioid addiction. You need to find one that works best with the addiction of your loved one. 

Does your loved one have one addiction or multiple addictions? This is important when choosing the proper facility such as Kebali Rehab.

2. Does Your Insurance Cover It?

Insurance companies can be fickle when it comes to covering rehabilitation services. They may fight you on coverage, provide only limited coverage or try to choose the facility for the rehab. Many have contracts with certain facilities to provide service as a discount for the insurance companies.

Check with your insurance company to determine what they cover and your options. This can drastically impact your ability to choose a facility. 

3. Inpatient or Outpatient

You need to decide if the person needing recovery can handle outpatient rehab, where they come and go or inpatient rehab where they stay at the facility. Many people with long standing addictions, require at least part inpatient rehab. 

Outpatient provides freedom, so the person can continue living in their home with their family and visit rehab during specific times. Inpatient provides 24-hour treatment and has a higher success rate, but requires a major disruption to daily life. 

4. Narrow Down Your Options

There are many different rehab facilities across the country and some are very expensive and others are not. You need to narrow down your options by what you can afford, travel costs, what they specialize in and their overall ratings.

Websites such as Yelp provide honest reviews from people that went to the facility. Check out what they said about their experiences.

5. Visit the Facilities

The website and brochure may show one thing, but you won’t know anything real about the facility until you visit it. Does it have the programs offered in the brochure? Do the people seem happy or are they cagey and defensive.

The best inpatient physical rehab facility leaves no question that it’s a high quality facility when you visit and get a tour. 

Make Your Choice

Once you’ve done your research and found the best rehab facility, you or your loved one it on the road to recovery. It’s not an easy journey, but with the support of family and the center, it can be completed.

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