Are you experiencing adult acne?

You are not alone. Acne breakouts impact around 50 million Americans annually. 

Acne breakouts can impact all ages. One of the main causes of acne breakouts is puberty, but adult acne can occur for different reasons. It is hard to pinpoint what causes acne, but there are some surprising causes you may not have considered.

Read on to learn ten surprising causes of acne breakouts! 

1. Haircare Products 

Haircare products such as sprays, serums, and masks, leak onto your skin and trap bacteria. The result? Acne breakouts!

It is so common haircare induced acne is called pomade acne! Wash your face after hair treatment. 

2. Phone Time

Most people spend time on their phones every day, but did you know it can cause adult acne? A phone has 25,127 germs per square inch. So use a phone-friendly disinfectant wipe to sanitize and avoid acne breakouts.

3. Desk Habits 

Another place bacteria grows is at work. If you regularly touch your face and neck, bacteria transfer to your face and can get trapped. And the average desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat, so be mindful of your habits at work! 

4. Your Laundry 

Certain laundry products can cause your pores to inflame and clog. If you are prone to acne, this could trigger a breakout.

Avoid detergents with fragrances. Pick sensitive skin products, such as natural or eco-friendly options. 

5. Your Diet

Diet can trigger adult acne breakouts. For example, low-fat diets deprive the skin of essential nutrients. To learn about acne and diet, there is more information here

6. Skincare Routine

It is natural to want to throw every product on your skin to prevent adult acne breakouts. But they could be doing more harm than good. A lot of products contain active ingredients that irritate your skin.

You need to be patient with a product and give it at least four weeks to work. If you use makeup remover, you could also be clogging your skin. It is essential to wash your face thoroughly. 

7. Smoking

Studies have found that adult acne breakouts are higher in smokers and those who smoke more. Smoking enlarges pores, dehydrates the skin, increases oil production, reduces collagen and elastin. So try to cut down on your smoking breaks! 

8. Pills and Supplements

Some medications can worsen or trigger adult acne breakouts for different reasons. Drugs include androgens, iodides, and corticosteroids. Ask your doctor about prescription medications and alternative options.

9. Beards!

Beards can collect bacteria and debris. Either work on your beard grooming or tell your partner! Even the beard bristles can trigger outbreaks if you come into contact. 

10. Sunscreen

Pick an oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen to avoid acne breakouts. Heavy sunscreens can clog skin pores. No sunscreen can also cause acne as the sun dries the skin, triggering an increase in oil production. 

Stop Adult Acne Breakouts

Acne breakouts are difficult no matter what your age. And the stress of the breakout can also worsen it! But once you learn all the surprising causes of acne breakouts, you can identify your triggers. 

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