Do you worry about natural disasters like tornadoes and floods? Or emergencies like a terrorist attack or a severe power outage?

While many people worry about such things, not all that many are prepared. Fewer than 40% of Americans claim to have an emergency survival kit. 

When something out of the ordinary occurs, you may be at a loss on how to handle it. Having the best survival kit can make things much easier as you figure out your next steps. 

You can be blindsided by a disaster at any time. Be prepared by getting some survival kit advice, creating your survival kit list, and gathering your supplies to make a survival kit. 

Keep reading to learn the top items you need in your home emergency survival kit. Make yours today.

1. Water 

The recommended amount of water is one gallon per person per day. If you’re short on space, you can purchase a water filter so that you can filter water if necessary. 

If you have to evacuate, a three-day supply of water should be sufficient. To prepare for being in your home, have a two-week supply on hand. 

2. Copies of IDs and Important Paperwork 

Copies of all of your important information regarding bank accounts, insurance, medical forms, and prescriptions should be updated. Have a list of important names and contact information. Put copies in a waterproof pouch inside your survival kit. 

3. Food 

You should have a three-day supply of food for each person in your household. Include non-perishable, lightweight, nutritious food items. You want things that are easy to prepare without electricity. 

You can also purchase ready-to-go food options with a 20+ year shelf life. 

4. Two-Way Radio 

If you have an emergency where power and phone lines are knocked out, you’ll need a backup plan for communication. Look for two-way walkie-talkies with a good range and several pre-programmed frequencies. Don’t forget the batteries.  

5. First Aid Kit 

What are the most important items to put in your first aid kit? Include several types of bandages, tapes, pads, sterilization wipes, gloves, sponges, and medical tools. Remember to also have at least a 7-day supply of any medication that family members take. 

Looking for first aid kit supplies? Check out these gauze wraps from the company with the highest quality first aid products at the best prices. 

Time to Assemble Your Survival Kit

Every emergency preparedness plan needs a survival kit. Now that you know some of the things to include in yours, it’s time to put it together. Once you have your kit prepared, keep it in an accessible location. You need to be able to get to it easily in the event of a true emergency. 

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