Tjori! Is there anyone who doesn’t know this brand by its name? Tjori is a well-known brand for its wellness category and ayurvedic products. They fetch their entire range of products from different regions in India. They not only provide ayurvedic products but also make it a purpose to brash the usage of plastic and supports Indian handicrafts with pride. The products showcased here are made with zero artificialness and also they are not tested on any animal which makes them stand out. The products are easy on the pocket and the quantity seemed good as well. The products have zero chemicals so that makes it equally natural and organic which is the finest thing these days. Everyone wants to try something natural and organic. To drive this you need to pull out some products from this contemporary store.

Today, I would like to give you a brief review of 4 products that I tried recently and will share the experience and the usage as well. So, read on to know more:

1. Natural Multani Mittiand Rose Face Pack:

Natural Multani Mittiand Rose Face

Multanimitti aka fuller’s earth is something that is most prescribed by Ayurveda for glowing and healthy skin. Using these two nourishing yet powerful ingredients on the face will work magically. I am always nervous to use something on my face at first so, I tend to use the product on my hand first and then on the face and neck area. We usually forget the neck area but it is necessary to use all the products all over the face. This product comes in powder form and can be mixed with rose water. It also has the ingredient “rose petals” which is great for glowing skin. After 3-4 times of usage, the effects can be seen. It is a must-try for everyone.  (Available on Amazon &Tjori)

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2. Fenugreek Hair Oil:

Fenugreek Hair Oil

Fenugreek aka methi dana is a miracle ingredient for hair growth. You may have heard about it, it benefits the hair and makes them grow fast and thick as well. It is that ingredient that helps in boosting blood circulation and helps in reducing dandruff as well. I used it two times a week times and it improved my hair. I had frizz in my hair and they were damaged, I used half of the bottle of this hair oil and it worked for my hair. I would suggest massaging it in your hair and leaving it overnight is the best way to use it.

3. Kumkumadi Face Serum:

Kumkumadi Face Serum

Facial oil is something that I am seeing a lot over many platforms and many bloggers are taking this forward on their channels. I tried tjori’skumkumadi facial serum for a month and to my surprise, it really worked on my skin. I loved how it made my skin flawless and also the price is pocket-friendly which is really important as most of the brands are selling this at a very high-cost price. This has over 20 ingredients which help in achieving the desired results. (Available on Amazon & Tjori)

4. Saffron Under Eye Gel:

Saffron Under Eye Gel

Saffron is also known as the red-gold because it has so many benefits like lightening and brightening of the under-eye area. The under-eye area is sensitive and needs proper care. This under-eye cream is great for those who have dark under-eye circles. I don’t have many so I asked my friend to try this. She used it for a month and the results were visible, her dark circles were lightened. She felt so confident after using this. A great product to use! (Available on  Amazon & Tjori)



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