The Complete Guide to Buying Hats Online: Everything to Know

Did you know that the U.S hats and caps market is worth a staggering $2.5 billion?

Fashion magazines are partially responsible for the increasing adoption of hats today. Most of them educate readers on how best to style their hats and caps. But, like with other clothes, what looks good on one person may not necessarily work for you.

So, buying hats, particularly online, can be a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be. Finding the perfect hat will be easy if you know what to consider when buying hats online.

Here’s everything to know when making your purchase.

Determine Your Size

Finding a fitting hat is crucial to your comfort. It also determines how good you look. So, how do you determine your hat size without trying on different sizes?

You’ll only need a ruler and a string. Wrap the string around your head, and measure it with a ruler. This will give you the hat size you need to buy.

But, note that different stores may measure sizes differently. Visit your chosen hat store website and check how they determine their size.

Consider Your Face Shape

There is a hat for every shape. But, not all hats will suit all facial structures. So, it’s essential to research the best types of hats for your facial structure.

There are nine main face shapes, all with varying characteristics. If you have a narrow jawline and long face, your shape is likely oval. Yours is probably round if you have a broad face with full cheekbones.

Either way, you’ll need a hat that accentuates your best features. Luckily, many magazines discuss the best options for various face shapes.

Consider a Store’s Customer Reviews

Once you’ve figured out your size and face shape, you’ll need to find a reliable store. The best way is through online customer reviews.

Before settling on any store, find their reviews on sites like Yelp. What do the customers have to say about the store’s services? Are they professional and trustworthy?

If not, look for another store. Customers tell the truth about stores’ professionalism most of the time. Don’t risk your hard-earned money.

Consider a Store’s Return Policy

Let’s face it; Not everything bought online turns out to be as presented. So, the right store will allow returns within a specific period.

Most of them offer store credit so that you can buy another item. Avoid those that don’t accept returns. Most of them sell poor-quality products.

Consider a Hat’s Durability

Durability should be your top focus, regardless of whether you’re buying snapbacks for toddlers or hats you can wear to an event. It’s tempting to want the cheapest hat available. But, most cheap hats don’t last long.

After all, you have to pay for quality. Consider comparing hat prices among various stores instead of settling for low-quality products. There’ll always be a store that offers a better price for quality hats.

Simplify Buying Hats Online by Learning Key Things to Check

Buying hats online is not as complicated as people make it out to be. When you know what to look for, you’ll have an easy time making the right choice. Follow these tips, and you won’t be disappointed.

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