The Iphone accessory has been in the limelight of fashion for quite some time now, whether it is ornamenting the runways with neo-modern fashion styles with a holster around the model’s ankle or an iphone wallet.

So, if you are planning to have a chic fashion accessory for your iphone, which will always prevent it from scratches, then a leather holster is perfect for you. However, being a mindful customer is always understanding the nitty-gritty of the product.

In this excerpt below, we will be explaining what an iphone holster is, how it feels, and why you should be buying it.

What Is an Iphone Holster?

An iphone holster is a horizontal storage space. It has a magnetic closure which makes using your phone and storing it more convenient. Some holsters do have some extra storage which can allow you to store some extra items in them.

There is a magnetic harness behind these holsters, and it can help you to secure them with your belt. It is the fashion equivalent of a fanny pack, but in contrast, it is less bulky and formal.

What Is The Look & Feel

Here is what a leather phone holster looks like, the way it feels, and how it can protect your phone (since that is its main function).

– It is made out of real leather, and the price reflects on it. However, the craftsmanship is what makes it look elegant. You can get the best Leather Phone Holster from brands like Embrazio to get the premium feel.

– The feel is rougher and more rugged than smooth leather.

– You get these holsters in mostly dark colors like black and brown.

– The holster has enough space for all 13 iPhones. However, it is a little tight for new editions like the iphone 13 pro or iphone 13 mini. Which means you will not have much space to share other items.

– The attachment is mostly tight, which means you can attach it around your pants as well if you have no belt.

– The inside of the holster is rugged and Ultrasuede, which can secure your iphone. If the holster slips from your hand with the iphone in, this surface will protect it from any shock.

Why Do You Need Them?

Here are some of the reasons why you will need an iphone holster. It does not come cheap as a plastic iphone cover which is not long-term, and wouldn’t protect your phone from external shocks when it slips and falls. Thus, it is a good investment.

– You need them for safety. Since you are securing it around your belt, there are very few chances of you dropping it.

– The look of the holster is stylish and can go with every look. Do not judge it by its rugged look since it can be paired with a maxi dress as well. You just need the right color and a belt around your waist.

– This stylish leather holster is a great place to secure your iphone when you are going for a run or want to concentrate on your exercise without worrying about your iphone slipping and falling.

Holster As A Fashion Accessory

You do not always have to look at a holster as a convenient way to store your iphone. Sometimes it is all about fashion. So, here is why these iphone accessories are getting popular now.

– For men’s fashion, it could be a style edition to any look you are going for. Starting from a full formal look to lounge fashion to casual airport looks. No, protect your iphone while being in Vogue.

– For women, any kind of trousers, whether formal or semi-formal, will look great with this stylish leather holster.

– The magnet is strong and secure to be placed around with a belt. So, if you want to place it in the inside pocket of your jacket or blazer, even that is an option.

No matter how you style it, try to match or compliment the holster’s color with that of your outfit.



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