When you saw a wedding dress that you like, you may want to ask your friends or bridal party which they think is best. But the problem with this is, we all have different styles and tastes, so, not all wedding dresses go well with all of people. 

So, before asking for their opinion, here’s what you would need more to consider:

1)Time and Money: 

You do not want to spend hours searching for the perfect dress only to realize it would cost more than your budget right? Now, I have a good recommend. You could also choose from my favorite online wedding dresses store Ombreprom, they sell kinds of trendy and fashion wedding dress or shoes that can be chosen, not only cheap but also of good quality, fitted on many kinds of body shape!

2)Images of Your Favorite Dresses: 

If possible, try to find images that show an accurate representation of how these items look in real life. Sometimes, the dim lighting and filters photographers use are different from how it appears to the naked eye.

3)Looking for help from a married friend: 

For married women, most of them have relevant experience. If you try to seek help from those people as they would be able to provide some input on which you can base your purchase. Maybe they will tell you how to choose a stunning wedding dress that fit on your style.

But the premise of all this is that you understand enough about your body type. Wedding dresses come in different styles. Each style would look best if worn by a person with some types of body shape. 

There are three main types I have listed: pear-shaped, inverted triangle and rectangle/hourglass (which fit almost everyone). Before you start your shopping trip, determine which body shape is yours. Because once you determine which one can perfectly describe your body shape, then choosing the right wedding gown will be easier. Compiled below are some details about this three main types:

1)Pear-Shaped Body Shape

This shape features a slender top half, with thicker hips and thighs. Because of this, it is recommended to look for dresses that are trumpet or A-line in style. Also, embroidery or embellishments at the waist is a must as it adds more flare to the outfit.

2)Inverted Triangle Body Shape

An inverted triangle shape would have narrow shoulders but wider hips, usually above the knee. This means you may want to avoid dresses that are strapless or spaghetti straps, or low cut because they will make your shoulders look even narrower than they already are. Instead, looking for dresses with sleeves, high necks and high necks and patterns/embellishments on top, which will give the illusion of broader shoulders.

3)Rectangle/Hourglass Shape

This type is characterized by equally proportionate body parts. In this case, it is all up to you! Your wedding dress style can be anything that would make you look and feel beautiful on your big day.

After confirming your body shape, next is the second step: Choosing wedding dress. About this, I think you need consider some problems, too. So I also list some tips that can be hoped to help you:

1 ) Consider Alterations

Don’t write of a perfect dress because of the price or design alone if you think you could handle alterations. Most dresses would not fit the bride’s body type perfectly, especially if she had known her husband-to-be before shopping for other important things like bridal shower gifts. Alterations should only add to the overall value of your finished product, so play around with different styles before settling on one.

2 ) Take Note of Trimmings:

Remember you will not always wear your wedding dress, especially if it is expensive. So, take note of the trimmings instead. It would be best if you could find more use for these accessories on other pieces of clothing or accessories which could make your investment last longer.

3 ) Consider Stocking Up

Stooking up is usually more cost-effective than buying each item separately. Plus, it’s like getting one piece of clothing/accessory for free! Just consider what some essential items that have never gone out of style are? If you are not sure, ask family members whose tastes tend to run similar to yours.

4 ) How Long Do You Plan To Wear Your Dress

Some brides wear their wedding dresses forever but most only keep them for the duration of their wedding day. If it’s the latter, you can go ahead and pick something that is within your favorite style, but there is no point in investing too much time and effort towards finding a unique dress.

5 ) Think about Your Budget

This is probably one of the most important things to consider during your planning stage. It would be bad if you spent more than what you intended or less than what you could afford.

6 ) How Will You Use Your Dress After Wedding Day

If you plan on using your dress again, then think about how comfortable it will be to move around in your home, with flats on. Then you could choose a dress that can match flats. 

In fact, no matter how you choose, the dress can suit you and it also matches with the wedding theme is the most important. Ombreprom is really a good choice!



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