Lingerie and Dating: How to Choose Lingerie That Makes You Feel Confident and Sexy on a Date

Lingerie and Dating: How to Choose Lingerie That Makes You Feel Confident and Sexy on a Date

Dating can be nerve-wracking, and we all want to make a good impression on that special someone. But while we spend time carefully selecting our clothes, hair, and makeup, we often forget about what’s underneath. However, lingerie can become a secret confidence booster that makes you feel powerful and irresistible.

In this article, Empress Mimi will discuss how to choose the perfect pieces for the occasion, keeping in mind your body type and personal style. We’ll also cover the right choices of fabrics and colors, and provide some inspiration for incorporating lingerie into your outfit without feeling uncomfortable or overexposed.

So let’s dive in. It’s time to feel confident, sexy, and ready to conquer your next date.

Consider the Occasion and Venue

When it comes to choosing an outfit, the first step is considering the occasion. Clothes, whether they’re visible to people around or not, should always work in your favor. Even the most gorgeous, luxurious lingerie sets can spoil your date by simply not suiting the occasion. So first let’s answer the question: what kind of date is it?

  • Casual date: layer a bralette underneath a slip dress for a cute and flirty look. You can choose a lace bralette for a touch of femininity or a sporty one for a more relaxed vibe. Pair it with sneakers or ankle boots for a comfortable yet stylish look. And if you add an oversized denim jacket on top, this combination is going to be perfect for a daytime date or a casual evening out.
  • Dinner date: Bodysuits and corsets are perfect for the occasion. You can pair them with high-waisted pants or a skirt for a sophisticated look. For a more daring outfit, try wearing a sheer bodysuit or corset with a blazer or jacket over it. This will give you a sexy yet classy vibe. Some jewelry and heels will help to complete the look.
  • Outdoor date: for this kind of date, comfort is key. Opt for a sports bra and boyshorts combination that will allow you to move around freely while still feeling supported. You can add a touch of style by choosing a sports bra with fun details, such as a strappy back or colorful pattern. Consider layering a loose tank or cropped hoodie over your sports bra for extra coverage and protection from the elements. As for boyshorts, opt for breathable and quick-drying materials that will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day. Lastly, finish off the look with a pair of sneakers or hiking boots to ensure your feet are ready for any adventure.

Remember, the most important thing is to choose what makes you feel confident and comfortable. It’s better to prefer cute, yet comfy pieces when it comes to casual and outdoor activities, and leave the “dress to impress” for dinner dates.

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Choose lingerie that flatters your body

Selecting lingerie that fits well and flatters your body shape is crucial to feeling confident and sexy on a date. Poorly-fitting lingerie can create discomfort and make you feel self-conscious, which can take away from the overall experience. On the other hand, lingerie that compliments your body shape can accentuate your best features and make you feel more attractive and confident. It’s important to take the time to find lingerie that not only looks beautiful but also feels comfortable and is the right fit. Don’t be afraid to try different styles and sizes until you find the perfect match for your body shape

Speaking of which:

  • If you’ve got an hourglass figure, (bust and hips are rather equal with a narrow waist), any lingerie would look flattering on you. However, if you’d like to emphasize your balanced proportions, balconette bras and high-waisted panties will do the job.
  • If you’re apple-shaped, (larger upper body with narrower hips and thighs), babydoll dresses and flowy chemises will help to balance out the overall look and accentuate long, graceful legs, that usually go with this body shape.
  • For pear-shaped ladies, (smaller bust and waist with wider hips and thighs), thongs and garter belts will bring the focus to the lower body, making those seductive curves really pop up.

Basically, you want to reach the golden middle with the tandem of your body shape and lingerie: by accentuating either an upper or lower part of your body with lingerie in order to balance out your natural curves. 

Opt for colors and fabrics that boost your confidence

Opt for colors and fabrics that boost your confidence

This is yet another reminder that something pretty doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Trendy colors of the season don’t matter if you personally don’t like how they look on you. And that gorgeous lace lingerie set won’t work if you dislike the feeling of lace (or any other fabric, we’ve all got our preferences) on your skin. Lingerie is supposed to boost your confidence, and that can never happen if you feel uncomfortable wearing even the most trendy stunning piece. 

Choosing a color that compliments your appearance might be confusing because of the variety of options, so here are some general rules that will make it easier for you: for darker skin tones, bold and bright colors like red, purple, and electric blue can really pop and enhance natural beauty. On the other hand, fairer skin tones may find pastel and muted colors like blush, lavender, and baby blue to be more flattering. 

Fabric is important too, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin. It’s always better to stick to mostly natural fabrics when it comes to lingerie. Breathable materials like cotton or mesh can keep you comfortable and prevent irritation. So, whether you’re looking for bold colors or soft pastels, comfortable fabrics are a must. 

To summarize, the following approach will help you to choose the lingerie colors and fabrics that will become a booster to your confidence:

  • Choose colors that make you feel confident: for some people, bold and bright colors may work best, while others may prefer more muted or neutral shades. 
  • Experiment with different fabrics: not all lingerie fabrics are created equal, so it’s important to try out different materials and find what feels best on your skin. Some popular lingerie fabrics include silk, lace, satin, and mesh. Each of these materials has a unique texture and feel, so try on different styles and see what works best for you.
  • Consider the occasion: different occasions may call for different lingerie styles and colors. You may want to choose bold and bright colors for a special occasion or romantic evening while opting for more muted shades for everyday wear. Being dressed according to the context also helps with the feeling of comfort and confidence.

Accessorize with confidence

Accessorize with confidence

Accessorizing your lingerie can complete your look and help you feel more put together. Adding a few carefully chosen accessories can make a big difference in the overall impact of your lingerie outfit. Here are some ideas with suitable accessories for different lingerie styles:

  • Garter belts and stockings: work well with corsets and other vintage-inspired lingerie. These babies can make your legs look longer and add an extra layer of sexiness to your outfit.
  • Chokers and body chains: can be a great addition to a bralette or a bodysuit. They draw attention to your neckline and collarbones, giving you an edgy and confident look.
  • Robes and kimono jackets: A lightweight robe or kimono jacket can be a perfect accessory for a slip dress or a bralette and shorts combo. It adds a layer of coverage while still keeping you looking sexy and stylish. Plus, it can double as a cover-up when you’re out and about.

Now that you’ve figured out what accessory you’d like to add, let’s talk about how to include it to your look in the right way:

  • Choose accessories that complement your lingerie style and color. For example, if you are wearing a black lace bra and panty set, consider adding a garter belt and stockings in the same color.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match accessories. Try pairing a choker with a corset or a kimono jacket with a bodysuit for a unique and personalized look.
  • Consider your comfort level. While accessories can add an extra layer of confidence to your lingerie look, it’s important to choose pieces that you feel comfortable wearing.

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Choosing lingerie that makes you feel confident and sexy on a date is crucial to help boost your confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s important to consider the occasion and venue, your body shape and skin tone, as well as the lingerie style, color, and fabric that best suits your preferences. 

Adding accessories can also complete your lingerie look and add an extra touch of confidence. Keep in mind that lingerie is not just about impressing your date, but also about feeling good about yourself. Choose pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident, and don’t be afraid to try something new. And always remember that confidence is the sexiest accessory you can wear.



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