Writing as a Hobby: A Complete Guide

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An interesting and creative hobby one can pursue is writing. It is an activity you can do in your free time. A question that would arise is what would you write? Do you write stories? Do you write articles? And how do you write? Pen and paper or using software? We answer all your questions in this guide.

The guide tells you all you want to know about writing as a hobby. Once you go through the guide, you will be able to get started with writing. 

Is writing a hobby?

A hobby is any activity you do in your free time and one which you enjoy. If you like to write, then you can take up writing as your hobby. You can write anything you want, there are no limitations. It is up to you to decide whether you want to write for yourself or want to share your work with others. As long as you enjoy writing, you can take it up as a hobby.

Why is writing a good hobby?

  • As a hobby, writing allows you to explore your creativity. You can use words and your skills in language to express yourself. Whether you write in prose form or poetry, you can write to put down your thoughts in written form.
  • Writing is one of the more pocket-friendly hobbies to pursue. You don’t need anything other than pen and paper. In today’s digital age, you don’t even need that. You can write by typing out what you wish to express using a laptop. It is possible to write even using the keyboard of your mobile phone. Thanks to technological advances, you can even speak out what you want to write. Software can convert your voice to written words.
  • You can write whenever you want and wherever you want. At home, in the garden, in the library, in the park, or even at school/work. Use your free time to write and enjoy the task.
  • It is a hobby that makes you involved in it. You are able to exercise your mental abilities. This is a good way to remain mentally fit.
  • Writing can be a good stress buster and makes you feel relaxed.
  • Once you have written something, it remains forever unless you delete or destroy it. You can look back at what you have written years later and enjoy your work. Your writing can even be read by future generations. What you write will remain forever.
  • Writing allows you to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and language skills. It helps you improve your written communication skills. 

What to write?

  1. Stories that can be in the form of micro stories or flash fiction (less than 1000 words). You can also write short stories, long stories, or lengthy novels. Write stories expanding ideas you have created.
  2. Articles or blog posts that talk about any topics. It can be politics, sports, technology, health, beauty, fitness, etc. You can write to inform people or to share your views and opinions.
  3. Poems that can be in the form of free verse or in a particular style. You can write standalone poems or a book of poetry.
  4. Journaling is a form of writing where you maintain a journal and pen down your thoughts and feelings. Unlike a diary, you do not record what happened but record your feelings on things that happened. It is a good way to vent out your feelings and frustrations. It can be therapeutic. 
  5. Non-fiction where you write about events, persons (past and present), and facts. It can be in the form of individual articles or as a book.

Tips to get started with writing

  • Decide what you will write about. You have the freedom to write on anything you like and are interested in. 
  • Find a place to write. It should be a place that is comfortable and allows you to concentrate on your writing. Ensure no one disturbs you while writing.
  • Decide when you would write. It could be for some time in the evenings or during the weekends. You could also choose to write whenever you feel like it, the choice is yours. Writing regularly and consistently will help you enjoy the experience.
  • If you write digitally, decide on software like a word processor or any other tool. Use tools like spell check and grammar check to make your writing perfect. 
  • Feel free to share your work with others. Get their feedback and use it to write better. You could even earn from your writing and get it published. 
  • The key is to enjoy the entire experience. At the end of your writing, you should feel satisfied and relaxed. 

Writing is a wonderful hobby, and the more you keep at it, you can make it your profession as well. The important tip here is to enjoy what you write about and look for ways to get better.



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