In the times of a raging pandemic, living in a safe and healthy abode is of utmost importance. Antibacterial and antifungal paint provides a layer of protection to you and your family.

Bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes on surfaces that are not protected enough, including your home’s walls. To help protect you and your loved ones, paint services are using new and evolving technologies to create revolutionary antibacterial and antifungal paints like Berger Breathe Easy emulsion. With the following points, you’ll know just how effective antibacterial paints are:

Targeted Technology 

Antibacterial paints are filled with biocidal additives which combat bacterial presence in walls. The most widely used additive in antibacterial paints is silver nanoparticles, which inhibit the growth of bacteria by forming a protective surface on the wall. Silver on its own is great at fighting bacteria, and, in its nanoparticle form, it is super potent at killing bacteria. Silver nanoparticles release ions into the wall which interfere with bacteria and prevent their growth. One of the best antibacterial paints out there is Berger Silk Breathe Easy. It is a 100% acrylic interior emulsion that is formulated using Nano-Silver Technology to effectively deal with twenty-nine strains of bacteria found inside homes. 

Tested and Certified 

The importance of science-backed solutions in every aspect of life is something that people are realising every day. Paint services get their products tested for efficiency and safety at renowned organisations. The first step to understanding the effectiveness of a product is to check its certificates. For example, the Indian Medical Association has approved Berger Silk Breathe Easy as an antibacterial paint. It is also certified by Ross Life Sciences to kill 99% of bacteria. This SRIBS, Shanghai certified paint also improves indoor air quality with its formaldehyde (a type of volatile organic compound) reduction abilities. 

Long-Lasting Protection

Antibacterial and antifungal paints are made by incorporating certain additives in them that combat microorganisms. These additives also ensure that the painting itself lasts for a longer time frame. The paints act as an effective shield against algal problems such as mildew. With their ability to address dampness and mold, these paints make sure that your walls stay vibrant for a very long time. 

Increased Durability 

The longer the paint job lasts without peeling, fading, or flaking, the more durable the paint is. In general, a binder made entirely of acrylic polymers provides the finest durability, scratch resistance and adhesive properties. Antibacterial additives which fight mildew after the paint is applied, boost the longevity of a coating. 

Such acrylic binders can be found in Silk Breathe Easy Luxury Emulsion. This acrylic emulsion is reinforced with a bio-resistant composition to protect walls against algae and fungus infestations. Its anti-fading pigments, superior luster, and exotic hues scream luxury and are a delight for your walls. 

Preserving Ability 

When microbes grow on painted surfaces, they can deteriorate the paint film and reduce its longevity. Antimicrobial coatings can extend the life of the film by limiting the growth of bacteria and mildew. Berger Breathe Easy wood coating product, for example, is a non-toxic coating that is suitable for repainting wood that has previously been treated with wood coatings or enamels without any compatibility issues. It can be used for interior furniture and exterior woodwork to prevent fungal growth and eliminate 99.9% of harmful microorganisms. This wood coating has very few Volatile Organic Compounds which makes it safe, not just for you but for the environment too.

Suitable Areas 

When you think of damp mold and fungal growth, bathrooms and kitchens are the first places that come to your mind. Painting the walls of these rooms with antifungal paints is a good choice.

You can give your home the attention it needs with Rangoli Total Care, an interior emulsion from Berger that gives the best-in-class coverage and whiteness to walls. It is formulated with special types of co-polymers, fine pigments,  antimicrobial additives and enhanced with bio-resistant formula that gives durability and antifungal properties to the paint. Its fine extenders help in giving your home’s walls a rich and butter-like smooth finish. 


To ensure the safety of your loved ones, regularly clean and daily disinfect surfaces in your home. With antibacterial paints, you can stop worrying about creatures lurking in the walls. Get in touch with Berger Express Painting service professionals to ensure the best quality paint job. The professionals follow stringent safety protocols, help you make the right colour decisions, and clean and disinfect your home once the job is done. 



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