Many creatures on the planet are monogamous. Millions or even billions of men and women get married only once in their entire lifetime and stay hitched to that person until their dying day. Penguins are known to mate with only one partner. Staying loyal and committed to one person is a principle that many individuals stick to.

Although this conventional “arrangement” is ideal for most people, some men and women find this boring. Others are still curious to date others even when they are married. And so it will not be surprising to learn of extramarital affairs on Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison review even reveals how satisfied its members are.

Get To Know Ashley Madison

If you are still not familiar with this service, Ashley Madison is a dating website dedicated to people who are either in a relationship or married but want to see other people other than their existing partners. Some single individuals purposely enter the site too, seeking to go on “exciting and dangerous” affairs. The company’s slogan speaks for its services: “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Although widely condemned for the nature of the activities within the online dating service, it has managed to thrive since its launch in 2002. Right now, the number of the site’s members in 53 countries all over the globe has exceeded 60 million. This figure is still expected to increase. This is a paid service so you need to purchase credits for you to do something like initiating a conversation within the site.

There have been many criticisms about Ashley Madison especially since the site thrives on the back of heartbreaks, ruined unions, and dysfunctional families. But its creator insists that they do not persuade their members to cheat. It is up to its users how they handle their personal affairs. Biderman in fact claims that these secret flings help save marriages.

Ashley Madison: Its Upsides and Drawbacks

Netizens have something good and bad to say about this online dating service. There are several advantages that users like about Ashely Madison.

  • It is free and easy to sign up. There is stuff that you can do for free apart from creating a profile too such as browsing through profiles and sending a chat if you are a female.
  • Users can hide their identities and put up a nameless profile with unreal details.
  • Everything in the sites is low-key, from paying to opening the site or app.
  • Members of this platform are very active.
  • If you are looking for a tryst or casual hookup, you will definitely find one on the website.
  • This dating site is user-friendly and easy to explore even when you are not on social media always.

Ashley Madison’s downsides are listed below:

  • It has been hacked before, disclosing the information of its users to the public. It could happen again unless the site creator stays on guard.
  • Since profiles can go anonymous, there are many scammers within the website.
  • As there is a subscription fee on top of the paid credits, many users find their pricing structure quite complicated so it can be tedious to track your spending.
  • The dating service can be pricey. A Basic Plan costs $59 and offers 100 credits. An Elite Plan costs $289 with 1000 credits.

Remember these things if you decide to be a member of the Ashley Madison dating site.

  • Your activities and interactions within the app or website can be influenced by the credits that you have.
  • Do not expect the people here to be truthful and honest. They even use pseudonyms for crying out loud.
  • Finding a lasting relationship through the website is asking too much. Most of its users are just after flings and hookups.
  • Being at Ashley Madison does not guarantee someone will have an interest in you. You may or may not find a date.
  • You may want to keep the knowledge about your membership on the down low even if you are single because being in Ashley Madison is still unacceptable to many people. And if you are married or in a relationship, you have to expect some repercussions if you get caught.

Extramarital Affairs on Ashley Madison – Ashley Madison Review

Although the founder strongly states they do not encourage the commission of adultery, many Ashley Madison users are in fact cheating, even if they do not see other members in person which is rare because they will likely do.

  • Being interested in another person and getting into an intimate interaction with someone other than your partner or spouse is basically being unfaithful.
  • You will still feel the guilt even if you do not get caught, especially if your partner is kind, loving, and obviously loyal to you. Her or his clueless smile can still get through you.
  • Hiding something, no matter how unhappy you may be in your relationship, can still put some pressure on you. After all, the truth will set you free, right?
  • Unless you and your partner or spouse hold and manage your money separately, where a portion of your money goes to have to be justified.
  • Getting caught can ultimately ruin or even end your relationship. More people will be affected too if there are children involved.
  • More often than not, relationships arising from infidelity do not last long. The people involved end up splitting up anyways and at times because either or both partners go “exploring” again.
  • The excitement you feel whenever you are on the website may be strong and surreal but it may not afford you permanent contentment. As mentioned above, do not expect to find lasting relationships on this site.

Members are aware of what they are getting themselves into when they choose to have extramarital affairs on Ashley Madison.  Any honest Ashley Madison review would tell what the downsides of getting busted are. People can react if they find out to you are a member even when you are single. How much more reactions will there be if you are married?



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