Nike has been considering the demands and affordability of the customers. Hence, you would find a Nike for all. There are plenty of products that have created a buzz in the market, and Nike air shoes are among them. 

Despite being a globally famous brand, there are plenty of things about Nike that many people do not know of. Here are the ten most interesting facts about Nike that will leave you amazed. Plus, checking out Nike air shoes will make you want to buy them right now.

#1 Fish And Kangaroo were the Raw Materials for Early Nike Prototypes

The initial Nike track shoe designs lack comfort and didn’t provide much support. Bowerman took things in hand and tried velvet, kangaroo leather, fish skin and deer hide in the prototype. 

#2 The Swoosh Logo just cost $35

After the Blue Ribbon, Knight decided the brand needed a stronger identity. He contacted a student from Portland University and got the Swoosh designed for $35.

#3 Before Nike, It Was Called Blue Ribbon Sports

When the company was founded the name was Blue Ribbon Sports, and later in 1971, the name was changed to Nike.

#4 Nike was a College Project

Knight was forced to develop a business plan in one of his classes at the University of Oregon. He thought shoes could be made more affordable in Japan and decided to set up his shoe company.

#5 A Waffle Inspired Classic Shoe

Unlike today’s Nike Air shoes online that are a big hit, back then, Bowerman searched for designs that can improve traction and increase absorption. He poured urethane into the waffle maker that inspired the Nike Waffle Trainer. 

#6 They Loved Controversies

Nike always drew media attention with plenty of things. They once sponsored a foul-tempered tennis player, Ilie Nastase. That created quite a buzz in the market. Shortly after NBA player, Charles Barkley was criticized for spitting on the fan, Nike signed an endorsement contract with him.

#7 The Beatles Sued Nike for $15 Million

Nike used The Beatles song Revolution No.9 in one of its commercial ads that offended the band. They sued the brand for $15 million, saying that they don’t support sneakers and pantyhose.

#8 Nike Manufacture Playground Equipment

Only a few know that Nike is not only into athlete clothing and footwear but also provide playground equipment like tracks, flooring, gym floor tiles, basketball court, etc.

#9 Nastase First Promoted Nike

Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase first endorsed Nike ever in 1972. He signed the contract with the company and decided to endorse the brand for a year. 

#10 Nike has a Tattooed Task Force

EKINs (NIKE spelt backwards) is a company that liaises with partners and retailers with regards to new products and brand image. Every employee has inked EKIN anywhere on the body. Knight has it on the left ankle. 

Over the years, Nike rose to fame and became the owner of two-thirds of the US footwear market. If you are a true Nike fan, you must know everything about it. Also, do check out the Nike Air shoes. They will blow your mind away. The above mentioned were some of the exciting facts about Nike that will add up to your knowledge. 



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