A good night’s sleep can change everything. With a good night’s sleep, we can be resilient, we can bounce back, we can face hard times with rest on our side. 

People use the term ‘hair day’ to differentiate the good days from the bad but in reality, it’s got much more to do with sleep than hair. When we’re rested we have a glow about us, an air of quiet confidence and capability and that is what makes a good night’s sleep the best accessory. 

Be Happier and Healthier

When you start getting a good night’s sleep every single night you’ll find yourself happier and healthier. A good night’s sleep can be both restorative and transformative. So, why is getting enough sleep so important? When you get enough sleep your immune system is bolstered and you get sick less often and you lower the risk of getting diagnosed with serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease and have an easier time staying at a healthy weight. Your mental health will also be seriously improved helping you think clearly and do better in school and at work, help you reduce stress and improve your mood, get along better with others and being more aware will help you make good decisions and avoid injuries and accidents that are caused by tiredness and confusion.

What Causes The Quality Of Your Sleep To Suffer?

There are a whole host of reasons that can cause the quality of your sleep to suffer, some causes are mental, some physical, some are environmental. To start to improve the overall quality of your sleep you have to narrow down the cause of your sleeplessness. If your lack of sleep is not caused by an environmental problem such as a loud roommate or a sleeping by a busy road or light streaming in through your windows then it might be caused by stress, anxiety or something physical such as pain, heartburn or asthma. Medications you might be taking could also alter your sleep patterns so it’s important to consult your doctors and stay away from caffeine, alcohol and other drugs. Once you’ve exhausted all other options it might be that your sleeplessness is caused by an untreated sleep disorder such as sleep apnea or insomnia. It’s important that if you think you are suffering from a serious sleep disorder it’s important that you consult your doctor and make the changes that they recommend. If you’d like to find out more about the medicine behind sleep disorders and sleeplessness you can learn more with this government resource

Consider Some Accessories That Could Help You Sleep Better

Sometimes when we have trouble sleeping it can all feel hopeless but luckily we’re living in the 21st Century which means that we’ve got plenty of technology which can help you find a better way to get the sleep you so sorely need. If your lack of sleep is due to a poor sleep environment then you might consider investing in a heavy-duty eyemask, a white noise machine or high-tech earbuds, a plush mattress topper with high thread count sheets. However, if your sleeplessness is caused by a medical problem such as sleep apnea then you might need a medical solution such as a CPAP Machine available through CPAP Direct. It’s also worth considering buying an ergonomic mattress designed to match the specific type of sleeper that you are. 

If you’re looking for a more analogue solution then you could always try to create a sleep routine. This article from Sleepify explains how a routine can train your body to create better sleep hygiene patterns and combat the mental and physical effects of sleeplessness.

Preparing for a great day starts the night before so, sleep well and prepare to give the day everything you’ve got!

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