Did you know that it is possible to permanently install hair extensions into your scalp?

If your scalp is not ready to commit to permanent hair extensions, then consider installing temporary hair extensions!

There are multiple options for hair extensions installation. Read our article to learn all about the best hair extensions for every hair type.

Get Straight to the Point: Classic Straight Hair Extensions

Straight hair is probably what you envision when you think of hair extensions. The straight style of extension hair is classically respected by hair enthusiasts.

This is partly due to the fact that straight faux hair is easier to work with than your other options on the market. 

Different types of hair extensions require different levels of maintenance, upkeep, and care. Straight hair extensions can be styled, curled, and made into waves if you so desire as well!

Lastly, straight hair extensions have become the top hair extensions to invest in over the years due to the easy installment process. You can clip in your straight extensions and head out the door!

Curls for the Girls and Boys: Curly Hair Extensions

Curly hair is highly sought after by those with curl envy. Although curly hair trends come and go in mainstream hair culture, many individuals still desire to install curly hair extensions.

Cury hair is a beautiful way to bring life to any outfit, week, and occasion. Be mindful of the upkeep and maintenance that curly hair extensions require, however.

Curly hair extensions may require restyling every day or every hour to achieve your desired look. Curly hair extensions are susceptible to frizz and dryness as well.

Make sure to have a moisturizing product nearby while these extensions are in so that you are prepared to style at any moment!

Waves for Days: The Wavy Hair Extension Trend

Wavy hair has become the most recent hair extension trend. Natural waves add a touch of effortless glamour to your style. Who wouldn’t want that?

One of the best hair extension buying tips is to determine how prepared you are to manage a different hair texture.

If you naturally have wavy hair, then this may be a great option for you! If not, consider beginning your hair extension journey with a different set of strands.

The Best Hair Extensions Types and Techniques

There are multiple installation methods when it comes to hair extensions. One of the most common methods involves clipping in your hair extension to your scalp.

However, the latest way to install your new hairstyle is by using tape! The best tape in hair extensions will be comfortable and secure so that you can enjoy your day without anxiety!

Are You Ready to Have Long Beautiful Hair?

Are you ready to have zero care and begin enjoying long beautiful hair? The best hair extensions are waiting to be installed in your hair!

Still in need of inspiration for your new style? Check out our other blog articles to be updated on the latest tips and trends!



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