If there’s one thing that cat owners know, it’s that cats are pretty mysterious! Their moods are hard to predict, and it always seems like they want to control the household for some reason. 
A common mystery that most cat owners stumble upon is cat bathroom issues. When a cat is not using the litterbox, it could be for a reason as simple as: “My cat is tired.”

But more often than not, it’s due to an underlying problem that has gone unnoticed. Keep on reading to find out 5 reasons why a cat will stop using its litterbox. 

Your Cat Doesn’t Like the Litter

Have you purchased a new type of cat litter recently? There are a lot of different kinds with unique characteristics. Plus, some clump for easy scooping or have a scent to hide odors.
Just like humans, cats have individual preferences. So if you’re trying a new litter, your feline friend might dislike it enough to stop using the litterbox. The safest litter option is usually unscented and clumping. 

There Is a Health Concern

Has your kitty visited the veterinarian for a check-up in a while? There are a number of medical problems that create cat bathroom issues. Some of them include:
– Constipation
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
– Kidney failure
– Diabetes
– Kidney or bladder stones
– If you suspect your cat is not using the litterbox because of a medical problem, contact your vet. 

Your Cat Needs to Get Fixed

Sometimes, cat bathroom issues are easy to resolve. If your feline friend avoids the litterbox, it might need to get fixed! When a cat isn’t fixed, it might have the impulse to mark its territory with urine.
Both male and female cats will mark their territory. Males will need to get neutered, while females get spayed. The surgical process removes their reproductive organs.
To get your kitty fixed, schedule an appointment with a vet! Once a few weeks have passed since the surgery, territory marking won’t be a problem anymore.

Your Cat Is Feeling Stressed

When a cat is not using the litterbox, it might be due to stress. If that’s the cause, you may be wondering, “Why is my cat stressed?”
There are several stress triggers for cats, like an unfamiliar scent or loud noises. New pets or family members also cause signs of stress in cats sometimes.
The best solution is to remove or limit the stressor. But if that’s not possible, CBD pet products are a beneficial way to manage feline stress.

There Is a Problem With the Litterbox

It’s no secret that cats are finicky creatures. For some, a problem with the litterbox will prevent them from using it. 
Check to make sure the litterbox isn’t dirty. Cats like to be clean, and their bathroom should be no different. Also, make sure that it isn’t too tall or too small for your feline. 
Whether the box is hooded or not might make a difference, too!
What to Do If Your Cat Is Not Using the Litterbox
For pet owners, their pets mean the world to them! So if your cat is not using the litterbox, you might start getting concerned. 
Try identifying and solving the problem yourself first. If that doesn’t work, seek out some help from your local veterinarian’s office!
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