Fabulous wine is produced in countries all across the world – and a commitment to savoring the flavors from diverse countries is the perfect reason. For the wine lover who is intent on making his or her travels a solo affair, this provides another excuse (if one was needed) to unpack the passport in anticipation of solo travel to scenic vineyards across the globe.


Explaining to those who have not visited the country is challenging, but for the solo traveling wine lover, the attractions of this fascinating country are only made more seductive by the fact that it is the largest producer of wine in the world. Traveling across Italy is a delight, there are producers in every region of the country. A walking holiday in Tuscany is the dream of many – but why not make that dream come true – and include one (or several) bottles of Chianti while living the dream? In the 14th century, this magnificent wine was known as the ‘Bordeaux of Italy’ due to its refined nature – and there are a number of Chianti blends that will reward exploration. 


A singles walking tour and exploration of Spain’s magnificent Camino de Santiago will reveal more than just magnificent scenery. There are also more than 500 wineries to explore in the La Rioja wine region. The fruity, red wines produced in the Region are renowned for their flavors of dark cherry and berry flavors. However, white wine lovers need not fear – there are also lighter White and Rosado versions that are sure to appear on any table. 


The incredibly scenic Cape Winelands, which includes the towns of Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Franschhoek are at the heart of South African wine production. It plays host to some of the world’s best vineyards and estates. The Mediterranean climate of the Cape is ideal for the production of wine, so it is no shock to be informed that tending to the fruit of the vine has been practiced ever since the first European settlers arrived in the Cape. The area is renowned for producing world-class Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes for use in a variety of award-winning blends. As part of a group of solo travelers, a visit to this region should not be missed – and neither should the unique local flavors.


In the shadow of Aconcagua, part of the Andes range and the largest mountain in the America’s, one finds Mendoza, which many experts claim is the ‘wine capital of Argentina.’ Over the years, the region has perhaps become best known for its production of excellent pink-skinned grape wines such as Cereza. However, today the planting of vines hosting the deep purple Malbec grape has become more popular. These vines were transported to the region by the original French immigrants who reached Argentina’s shores during the 19th century. 

It should be noted (by those interested in the cultivation of the grape at least) that the Argentinian version of the grape differs from the original French variety. The Argentinian grape from Mendoza is responsible for a wonderfully rich and intense Malbec. If you are traveling alone across Argentina then put aside some time to visit one or two of the vineyards. Tasting some of the world’s best wines with a mountain backdrop and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see is an experience not to be missed. 


Australia is a land of contrasts and variety – and this includes the many climatic conditions that one can experience while in the country. However, this also results in varied climates that are suitable for the production of numerous varietals. While exploring Australia solo, it is essential that the wine lover visits the Barossa Valley. This South Australian region is one of Australia’s oldest wine-producing areas. It has an enviable reputation for the Shiraz that is produced in the Valley and grown on some of the oldest shiraz vines that can be found. Even experts agree that the Shiraz from the Barossa Valley may be the most flavorful in the world. The award-winning Shiraz boasts aromas of dried currant, blackberry, and mocha, and should not be missed by the solo traveler.

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