If you do not know what shoes to buy for the summer, opt for sandals. They, unlike stiletto sandals, are comfortable. They go well with clothes of different styles, fit everyone, and do not cause discomfort. Stylists offer women’s sandals of various models, among which every fashionista will find the best option for herself.

Sandals can be called one of the most comfortable types of shoes. They feature flat soles and are great for everyday wear. However, often the images with sandals look too casual and even rustic. But with the right styling, these summer shoes are suitable even for the office. The article presents a selection of stylish bows with sandals.

Most requested materials

Fashionable women’s sandals today are made from different materials. The most popular of them are:

  • genuine Leather;
  • leatherette;
  • rubber;
  • textile.

Rubber women’s sandals are usually made in a sporty style. These shoes are suitable for cycling, trips to nature and the park.  You will rarely notice rubber sandals to be decorated with decorative elements. Modern manufacturers offer sports shoes in bright colors, so they fit perfectly into summer sports looks.

A versatile option is leather sandals for women. This material is loved for practicality and high wear. Leather material breathes, conforms to the shape of the foot, and prevents the foot from sweating. Genuine leather sandals look presentable, go well with clothes of different styles and last for several seasons. When buying them, do not forget to purchase accessories for shoes. Summer sandals need to be looked after just as carefully as winter boots.

A cheaper alternative is leatherette shoes. She came into fashion a few seasons ago and still remains in trend. The main thing is to choose high-quality material, and then the shoes will last a long time. Leatherette sandals should have thin straps, so then the foot will not sweat in them.

Today in stores you can find sandals made of textiles. Buy these lightweight shoes for hot dry summers and holidays at sea. Any textile sandals look stylish and are combined with clothing made from natural fabrics. Textile sandals last less than leather sandals, but they are also cheaper.

Popular sandals

Designers offer girls dozens of different models of sandals. The most popular of them are:

  • gladiators;
  • sports;
  • with a closed nose;
  • classic.

The hit of recent seasons is women’s gladiator sandals. You have probably seen shoes like this one in history textbooks in school.

They look like this: sandals have a rather flat sole, to which thin straps are attached, they can be twisted or shouldered around the leg in various ways. Sandals as a whole are fixed by this strap. Gladiator sandals look quite feminine despite prejudice and will suit girls with all types of figures.

Classic flat sandals complete any look. They can be laconic or decorated with rhinestones, fringes, metal studs, large stones, and other decorative elements.

Closed-toe sandals are a more formal option. They can be worn to the office with skinny trousers, classic skirts, and suits. Open sandals fit well with romantic, ethnic, boho, casual, and casual styles.

Modern sandals come in a variety of colors. To create official looks, shoes in black, brown, white, blue, red, and calm blue are suitable. For every day, for walks in the park and meetings with friends, sandals of bright colors are suitable: yellow, orange, blue, purple. For a trip to the sea or creating romantic images, it is better to choose blue, pink, olive, gold, or silver sandals.

What to wear with sandals?

This type of shoe is versatile because it can fit into any look. So, Roman sandals can be worn with a short linen dress, shorts, or a skirt above the knee. Wide leather straps will look good with a plaid shirt and a white t-shirt with a large pattern.

With short fitted dresses, you can wear sandals decorated with stones and rhinestones. With long skirts, boho dresses, and simple leather sandals. With clothes in ethnic style – textile or leather sandals embroidered with beads or bright threads. Leather bags with a long strap, miniature clutches, and fabric backpacks will fit into these images.

Leather sandals without decorative elements fit perfectly into the office dress code. They can be worn with trousers, pencil skirts, fitted jackets, silk blouses, and cotton shirts.

Women’s sandals have long ceased to be just casual shoes. They go in for sports, go to the beach, to the office, to the movies, and on dates. Sandals will fit perfectly into any look only if they are combined in style and color with clothes and accessories.

Sandals and delicate dress

A slightly rough sole is compensated by the tenderness and romance of the dress, complementing and giving the image an unusual look. This combination achieves a balance of proportions.



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