In a society crammed with taboos, there is a bitter truth that working women face a lot of difficulties with their hygiene. From traveling in a packed local train to sitting for long hours at the workplace, the issues have no finish line. But, taking care of your health is entirely in your hands.

Is it challenging? Perhaps!

But we are here at your aid. This blog will render comprehensive coverage on simple tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine to maintain personal hygiene. So, pay heed!

  • Ensure proper cleanliness

Most of the women go through hurdles in the washroom of their workplace. Not all toilets are clean and safe with water available for washing and have sanitary napkins to help the women in need. All of these create discomfort, especially during your red flag days. You must raise voice for the unspoken issues, especially for cleanliness. For sanitary napkins, you can carry a kit with yourself as an alternate.

  • Wear comfy clothes

Traveling in the crowded local train to reach the office may be the worst hour of your day. It leads to sweating till the time you arrive at your workplace, opening opportunities for yeast infections. To avoid this, you can wear breathable clothes. Cotton inner-ware with crotch lining and clean cotton-based underwear will work well. In case you still feel the sweat, then carry an extra pair of clothes to feel comfortable during work.

  • Wipe down correctly

In an urgency to reach the meeting room on time, women skip wiping their anal region after using the washroom. Avoiding this will let the bacteria settle around your private part. So, attend the lavatory 10-15 minutes before your meeting begins and ensure that you clean your vagina and external genitalia after using the washroom. Furthermore, make sure that you wash your hands (before and after) every time you use it; well, that goes without saying, though.

  • Practice menstrual care

It’s every woman’s dream to feel clean, odourless, and comfortable during the red flag days. It couldn’t come true wholly, but maintaining hygiene during these days can do the work partially. It includes stringent changing of sanitary pads (after every 5-6 hours), refraining from using scented products, and cleaning the vaginal area. Women suffering from PCOD should take extra care for changing sanitary pads. Most importantly, don’t clean your vagina from inside as it can increase the risk of ovarian cancer.

  • Eat healthy foods

Mostly, in the office canteen, you get the junk and fried foods; they may keep you happy but not your body. That becomes very evident when genital discharges smell off. So always try to consume healthy foods and drinks like fruits, vegetables, green tea, etc. Additionally, you might get so busy working and attending back-to-back meetings that you forget to drink water. Hence, keep a habit of carrying a water bottle wherever you go and drink it every half an hour. Healthy food & lots of water helps you to make your hair & skin healthy.

  • Use public washrooms carefully

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visiting hotels, resorts, or cafeterias for seminars, meetings, etc. have comparatively declined. Still, using a public washroom may arise at any time. As a lot of people use them, it can escalate the risk of infections. That being the case, you should be careful while using those washrooms; keep paper soaps and sanitisers with you. Also, carry sanitary napkins with yourself for extra protection.

  • Visit gynaecologists regularly

Typically, working womenvisit gynaecologists when something goes wrong – missed periods, vaginal discharge, etc. One of the reasons is their busy schedule. But you must understand that it is also vital to do a regular check of your intimate health, even when everything is going normal. So, take out some time to visit a gynaecologist for your regular check-up. Frequent visits will help you to detect infections at an early stage and treat them on time.

Final words

Nowadays, we are surrounded by bacteria and germs, which is invisible to our naked eyes and prompts body damage. Religiously following the above tips in your daily routine will drive you towards a healthy life. In merely a few days, you’ll start feeling superb and comfortable all day long at your workplace without crashing your self-confidence.

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