Proper footwear is essential for protecting oneself in the workplace and avoiding any injuries. If you are looking for premium quality safety footwear in different varieties, you can start exploring by visiting Workwear Hub womens footwear collection.

Here, look at different types of women workwear shoes available and how to pick the best shoes for your safety at the workplace. 

Types of Women Workwear Shoes You Can Buy

Sports Wear

Athletics or sportswear is one of the most popular shoe types available. They are lightweight and comfortable. The correct size and material of the shoes let your feet breathe freely. These shoes can be slip-resistant and provide some cushioning and support for your soles. They do, however, offer little ankle support. 

Sports shoes are available in various designs and styles. They are best worn if you are working indoors on a flat surface, for example, in a warehouse.  

Hiking Shoes

If you are looking for support, hiking shoes would be the way to go. These shoes are designed to make the process of walking long hours on different terrains easier. They offer support to your soles and ankles. 

Hiking shoes can be waterproof. They are best worn by workers who have to alternate working between indoor and outdoor conditions. You can choose from lace-ups to velcros, depending on your convenience. 

Six-inch Boots

These boots are standard when it comes to safe workwear in the industry. These shoes are popular among both women and men. They offer excellent ankle and lateral support. Depending on the fabric you choose, they could provide waterproof abilities. 

They offer good grip and are suitable for working outdoors.

Eight-inch Boots

If you need additional ankle support than the ones offered by six-inch boots, you could opt for these pairs of boots. This footwear type is popular in the construction business. If you are interested in buying six or eight-inch boots, you could explore the collection available at WorkwearHub’s women’s footwear.


Slip-on should be a part of every working woman’s shoe collection. If you are primarily working indoors or need a break from bulky shoes, then a slip-on is a good option. You can easily slip in and out of the shoes. They are comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.

What to Look For in Workwear Shoes?

According to a report, the right shoe can keep your foot healthy and protect you from injuries. Pick your shoes at the end of the day or after exercise. If in doubt, get your feet measured. The right shoe will cushion and support your foot. 

Your shoes should feel comfortable when you buy them. Do not fall into the notion that you need to break in the shoes, and they will eventually get comfortable.

Consider environmental conditions. For example, if you will be working in a cold environment, then pick shoes that offer insulation. If you are working around water, ensure your shoes are waterproof.

Select your workwear shoes according to the conditions you would be working in. If you are primarily working indoors, look for slip-on or athletics. If you work outdoors, then hiking shoes or six-inch boots that are waterproof would work best for you. Always pick shoes that are the right size for you.

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