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Based on just how they look, watches were primarily made for the masculine gender. Many moons ago, they were only made for men until popular brands created timepieces for women. Nowadays, however, women have resorted to wearing watches designed for men.

In today’s fashion standards, women can wear men’s watches. People who belong to the younger generations (millennials and Gen Z’ers) are more open to the idea of seeing or doing it and not limiting themselves to accessories. Women of today also wear male clothes and accessories more than the older generations.

Besides that, not all women will find watches designed for them appealing. So if you’re looking for a watch or your parents or family asks you what watch would you like, you can tell them to look for men’s watches. You can explain your preference once you learn these popular reasons why women wear men’s watches. 

Men’s watches are more interesting

As mentioned above, not all women will like watches designed for them. However, looking at today’s popular brands, most of their offers still cater to men, excluding sports watches. Men’s watches are also typically more complicated and stylish, hence, the spark of interest in the opposite sex.

Men’s watches designs are probably that way because most brands think women care about aesthetics more than features. However, that mindset is changing due to more women who prefer wearing watches with more complications. So you can pick a line like the Seiko Prospex that’s exclusively for men and still find a watch that you can wear.

Men’s watches are famous status symbols

When it comes to luxury watches, the ones for men are more popular. Since the beginning of the watch industry, more luxury watches have been made for males. While there are luxury watches available for women, they’re aware that more value is given to those made for men.

A female luxury watch brand doesn’t have the status and recognition that a male luxury watch brand has; thus, its demand will be higher. The more sought-after a watch a woman wears, the more it says about her status. That’s why more ladies are now wearing men’s luxury watches.

Men’s watches have a higher appraisal value

Since the value of men’s watches has already been brought up, it’s also worth noting that they’re a good investment. In the case of luxury watches, they’re more in demand because of brands’ nature of not mass producing them. And since more of them are made for men, more of them can increase in value as time goes on.

You can resell it higher than the original price after several years. While women’s luxury watches are worth investing in, their counterparts for men are the much safer bet. It makes more sense to invest and re-sell them because of the value increase it generates.

Men’s watches are more versatile

Watchmakers mostly focus on aesthetics when designing ladies’ watches. They’re more like a piece of jewelry with a time-telling function. On the other hand, men’s watches will go with nearly almost everything.

Generally speaking, men’s watches are more simplistic, and that’s why they’re more versatile. It’s not even about any technological features in a watch, even just the classic style that most analog and digital men’s watches have show their versatility. Also, since not every woman goes for aesthetics, that factor gravitates them towards wearing a men’s watch.

Wrap up

Should women wear a women’s watch? The answer is a resounding “yes.” No one’s stopping you if you prefer wearing them over the ones designed for women. They’re practical, have higher resale value, and evoke an appeal, which makes them a great choice for a timepiece.

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