Summers are finally here! So, soak in the spirit of the season by choosing clothes that are comfortable and trendy. Summer is the time when you can mix and blend accessories and scarves with your clothes. 

Are you fond of scarves? Then you should try a wing scarf. The trend in the wing scarf is fast catching up as its digitally printed and compliments every dress style. The attention to detail and artwork of the wing scarf is pleasing to the eyes as well. 

If you wish to change your look this summer season, listed below are some summer trends in the wing scarf to follow. 

Earthy bohemian wing scarf

Most women choose to wear earthy and pastel colors during summer. The earthy wing scarf will perfectly compliment the earthy colors to enhance the look. Pair this scarf with green, white, or other pastel shades to look amazing. 

Bohemian style is a perfect blend of freedom and beauty. It also signifies the element of Mother Nature. As it is made from fine cotton fabric, its light and soft. 

It flows wonderfully on any garment and provides an extra sheen to the garment. The fresh shades of the scarf will perfectly go with your summer look. 

Spark bird wing scarf 

With vivid colors and awesome design, this wing scarf is a must for your summer collection. It perfectly blends with any color to give an extra edge. The digitally printed design makes it stand out from other normal scarves. 

Blend it with a bold color or wear it with your casual maxi style dress, it’ll make you look pretty. The warm colors and beautiful shades of the scarf are simply eye-catching. 

The wing scarf is made from lighter sheer matte material so it flows easily. The scarf can also be used as a drape so you can do wonders with different drapes to look fab. 

Sublime floral wing scarf 

Summer clothing is all about earthy colors and flowers. The scarf uses a different palette of colors that include blue, teal, and white. 

The floral design accentuates well with the wing design making it look amazing. Pair this scarf with any monochrome piece of clothing to enhance your look. 

The fabric is light so you can wear it with your flowy dresses or simply team it up with your tees. With different shades of water hues and light colors, the scarf blends perfectly with your clothes. Floral wing scarf is a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance.

White angel wing scarf 

If you are one of those who prefer wearing whites in summers, then this wing scarf is perfect for you. The soft gray pattern accentuates the lines to give this scarf an eternal look. 

You can wear this wing scarf with any casual outfit or summer maxi dress. As it is made from lighter fabric, the flow is just amazing. The neat edges in the design make it look divine. It’s a simple yet elegant wing scarf that can be worn with any color as well. 

To sum up, 

Wing scarves are in vogue and it can change the way you dress up. If you want to look different, then make your wing scarf collection. Flaunt your summer style and look beautiful. 



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