Everyone needs healthy feet to move about and enjoy life normally. However, many Americans suffer from nagging heel pain that doesn’t go away. Perhaps you have tried various home remedies but haven’t yet gotten relief. Don’t give up yet. Pain is not part of your life. This article is going to highlight some reasons why your heel pain doesn’t go away. 

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Not getting an appropriate medical diagnosis

Plantar fasciitis is the most significant cause of heel pain. The condition is an inflammation of band tissue connecting the heel to the toes. Do you dread getting up in the morning because taking a few steps is going to leave your heel with throbbing pain? There’s a chance that you’re having plantar fasciitis. You might also experience pain after exercise. Another sign is feeling like you’re stepping on needles on getting up after sitting for some hours. 

About 7 to 10 percent of people in the US are said to get plantar fasciitis at some point. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what is causing the pain. Ignoring to get a diagnosis of the problem encourages bigger problems that affect daily living including running, standing, and walking. Attempting a DIY diagnosis encourages wasting time, effort, and money since you’re more likely to get a wrong diagnosis. 

Plantar fasciitis is a major cause of heel pain but it can result from other factors as well. It might be a recent activity that causes trauma to the heel. Alternatively, heel pain might result from a bone fracture after a fall. All these can be misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis without professional assistance. Only a podiatrist in Houston City can rule out the possibility of other issues. Other factors likely to cause prolonged heel pain include abnormal bone growth. 

Not following the podiatrist-prescribed treatment plan

Visiting the podiatrist is the best thing to do when having prolonged heel pain. This allows getting a professional diagnosis and recommended solutions. The podiatrist will tell the exact cause of the problem and suggest treatment options. For serious issues, you might have to undergo surgery or get medication. 

Regardless of the solution, the doctor will recommend after-care tips for faster healing. Perhaps you’re advised not to engage in some activities for some time. If you ignore them or relax at some point, you’re likely to begin feeling pain again. This will take you back to the period before getting treatment. Sticking to the doctor’s treatment plan is very important to ensure that the problem disappears for good. 

Using poor-quality insoles

Shoe inserts are not created equally. The best option to get pain relief is to get a customized orthotic from the best podiatrist. It is the best solution to correcting plantar fasciitis’ underlying causes. Opting for low-quality generic insoles bought at the local pharmacy is a waste of money. These are most likely to have low memory foam construction. 

Using them might make you feel comfortable and cushioned for a short period. However, you need a long-term solution for pain relief. Sooner than later, you’re likely to find yourself feeling unsupported and uncushioned.

Sticking to home remedies

Surgery is the most aggressive solution for pain relief. On the other hand, home remedies are the opposite. A Google search can give you millions of results about “home remedies for heel pain”. Selecting what works better is going to perplex you. When having mild heel pain, solutions like stretching the calves, changing out the shoes, and icing after intense activity can relieve pain. 

However, those with a severe case of plantar fasciitis need a long-lasting solution. You can only get this from a professional podiatrist after an appropriate diagnosis. Some of the solutions include custom orthotics, cortisone injections, night splints, and shockwave therapies. In severe cases, surgery is recommended after all other options have not been effective. The podiatrist will recommend the best treatment method to match your condition. 

Believing pain is part of your life

After trying out various home remedies and the heel pain is not going away, you’re most likely to begin thinking pain is part of your life. However, don’t give up yet. Regardless of how long you have dealt with the problem, a visit to the podiatrist will alleviate the pain. 

Doctors usually see people with worse problems like yours. It is wrong to live with pain yet a reputed podiatrist will diagnose and recommend the most suitable solution to get rid of the problem. 

Feet problems affect daily living and your quality of life. DIY solutions and believing that pain is part of your life are wrong. Ignoring professional assistance will only cost you money, effort, and time. And, you’re likely to end up with a bigger problem that will cost you more to treat. A visit to a professional podiatrist is the best solution to ensure that you live a healthy, happy, and pain-free life.



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