There is no material that is superior to natural cork when it comes to making sandals for the summer, especially with the temperature rising outdoors. The appropriate basis for your arch support sandals is a material that is favorable to the environment, exceptionally comfortable, resistant to damp, and elegant.

Sustainable shoes that are manufactured with a cork footbed are a go-to choice for many women. Whether you want a flat sandal for strolling or a wedge for formal events like weddings, sustainable shoes are a great option. Find out more about the main benefits that cork insoles offer for foot health below.

Cork contours to the shape of your feet to support your arches, metatarsals, and heels

Cork footbed sandals from The Orthotic Shop naturally conform to the curve of your foot, resulting in a fit that is personalized for each individual customer. You could get orthotics built specifically for your feet, which would cost a lot of money, or you could just get sandals made out of cork.

You have a basis that permits equal pressure to be applied on all places since the cork sole forms to every part of your foot. If your sandal has a cork footbed as its foundation, this indicates that the shoe will provide you with superior support for your metatarsals, arch, and heel. This is of utmost significance for anyone who suffers from typical foot ailments, such as plantar fasciitis. Slip-on arch support sandals like Zone that don’t contact the painful area are a wonderful solution for anyone who experience the discomfort of bunions or corns.

Sandals with cork footbeds are able to absorb the impact of each step

Shoes that have a footbed made of cork, which is a naturally springy material, offer a plush, shock-absorbing cushioning that makes every step seem like walking on air. This is why they are a favourite of the Orthotic Shop. Because the cork footbeds of our sandals aren’t hard, they are able to cushion the shock caused by your foot striking the ground. This avoids your bones and joints from being subjected to unnecessary strain, which might lead to persistent discomfort or inflammation.

If you already experience difficulty in your feet or knees, we recommend that you give cork shoes a try to see if they alleviate any of that discomfort. Sandals such as the Grand Z are among the most accommodating footwear options for feet that are sensitive, aching, or otherwise compromised.

Another advantage of cork insoles is that they are hydrophobic, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria build-up

Many types of shoe materials are excellent at retaining moisture, which, if not properly managed, can create an uncomfortable environment for the feet. It is important to keep your shoes dry at all times, but especially during the hot summer months when temperatures soar. The accumulation of germs may result in issues such as athlete’s foot in addition to producing an unpleasant odor. Yuck! This ailment does not pose a risk to the patient’s life, but it is a bothersome and uncomfortable problem that has to be treated. You should make every effort to steer clear of it if at all feasible.

Consider purchasing a pair of cork sandals with arch support, such as Grand Z, as they are airy and wick away sweat. Even if you walk for kilometers in them, the moisture that you sweat won’t be able to penetrate these cork footbed sandals since they naturally resist moisture. Without this factor, bacteria are unable to grow and reproduce. When you wear our arch support sandals with a cork footbed, not only do your shoes but also your feet keep nice and cool and fresh. After wearing any pair of shoes, it’s a good idea to use our reviving Footwear Wipes to give the insoles a short wash down so they don’t get dirty.

Sandals with a cork footbed and leather straps by Taos Grand Z.

Cork is one of our go-to materials for the insoles of shoes in warm weather due to its ability to withstand wear and tear, its natural composition, and its resistance to moisture. The Orthotic Shop have a great range of cork shoes. Because of this, the all-natural sandals with arch support that we sell include a cork footbed of the highest quality, in addition to additional elements for comfort, such as uppers made of supple leather and straps that can be adjusted. You will also like the handmade allure of the decorations that were hand-applied to our Portuguese-made sandals, in addition to the myriad of vibrant hues that complement your existing clothing. This summer, step into comfort without sacrificing elegance by wearing sandals with cork footbeds.



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