The choice of men’s underwear is mainly focused on comfort; hence, guys tend to stick to the same style. However, the collection of men’s sexy underwear in Australia gives you a plethora of options to experiment with different styles, cuts, or fabrics without compromising your comfort. Be it briefs, boxers, or trunks, you can get them in different colours, patterns, or prints in various price ranges. 

The apparel industry in Australia is expected to grow by .5 per cent in 2022, and the underwear industry also needs to keep pace with the new and emerging trends. The right underwear forms the basis for a man’s outfit. To build a strong fashion game, you need to research different types and styles of underwear available. Following is some important information about men’s underwear so that you ditch the boring undies and get some new ones. 


Boxers can be a popular choice of underwear for men residing on the east coast of Australia experiencing dry and hot summers. Moreover, the ease of restriction on lockdown measures in Australia now requires horse trainers, baristas, and masseuses, among others, to join the workplace. Hence, it is essential to emphasise all-day comfort.  

Boxers offer perfect breathability, maximum coverage, and comfort. The style of boxers has evolved, and you can opt for a tailored and more modern cut with shorter and slimmer cuts that are flattering and can be worn with slim legwear. It means that the cut will compliment your body shape, making you look attractive and feel comfortable. You must go for cotton boxers in solid colours or cool prints and patterns having a trim waistband. 


Briefs with their traditional Y-front are best suited for men with larger thighs. They give great support and are the perfect fit. Briefs could be an ideal alternative to boxers in hot and humid Australian summers. You can either go for the regular cotton ones or super combed cotton yarns that wick moisture and ensure comfort throughout the day. 

Briefs are less prone to get bunched between the thighs and can work seamlessly with your favourite low-rise denim or trimmed trousers. You can avail new designer styles that are sleek and stylish from men’s sexy underwear in Australia if you don’t want to go for the traditional Y fronts. The new designs have the right cuffing in the nether regions that is not restrictive and adds to your appeal. Briefs could also be an excellent way to expose more of your legs and make them look longer. 


Boxer-briefs have a combined style of boxers and trunks sitting perfectly on the waist, offering a relaxed fit. They are the go-to underwear style for men opting for slimmer silhouettes or pleated bottoms. To get maximum benefits of stretch and elasticity, you can choose cotton fabric or other lightweight fibres. It can add versatility to your underwear collection by ensuring high coverage and fit to be worn with any piece of clothing.  

Studies have reported that one in 35 men in Australia have fertility issues, and the choice of wrong underwear is cited to be one of the reasons. By choosing boxer briefs, you can maintain sperm health. It is also ideal to do regular physical activities or engage in outdoor sports. 


Trunks have a certain oomph being the right combination of boxers and briefs. With the shape of boxers and the fit of briefs, trunks give maximum comfort and support. It is one of the most sought-after underwear choices for Australian men. The flattering fit and easy silhouette make it an excellent choice to go with any kind of trousers, chinos, and shirt. You can opt for bold colours or quirky prints to have a strong underwear game. Also, go for the cotton modal fabric to ensure comfort throughout the day.   

Underwear is the most used clothing item, and it should be purchased with care and consideration of multiple aspects. With the proper knowledge, you can try out different underwear and add variation to your style.       



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