In 2018, the average facelift procedure cost a little over $7,500. While deciding to get a facial lift may be an expensive procedure, it can help you feel better about yourself overall. 

Are you wishing your appearance was a little younger? Do you want to get rid of wrinkles and lines?

A facelift may be the right move for you. 

Read more below about who may be able to get a facelift and who should avoid it. 

Who Are Good Candidates for a Facial Lift?

What age is right for a facelift? It’s a personal choice to get a facelift or not, so there is no exact right age for this procedure. Depending on your life experiences, lifestyle, level of sun exposure, or even genetic traits, your skin may look much different than someone else’s skin of the same age.

However, it is important to note that women over the age of 40 should get a facelift sooner rather than later if they plan to do it. The elasticity of the skin starts to decline past this age and the results of the lift may not be as noticeable or effective in older individuals.

In general, a good candidate for a facial lift includes healthy individuals that don’t smoke, have a positive outlook with sensible expectations, and don’t have hearing impairments. 

Factors to Consider Before You Get a Facial Lift

There are a few other procedures that are similar to a facelift in terms of the effects. One such procedure is called lip lift surgery. A facial lip lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can give you a more symmetrical and youthful lips appearance. Lip shapings, which include lip lift surgery, are becoming more popular because they can help reduce wrinkles, increase fullness in the lips and improve skin tone.

The main factor to consider is your motivation. You should not believe that a facelift is going to give you a new life or totally new appearance because that’s not possible. Instead, if you believe that a facelift may make you more confident or give you more self-esteem, that’s a little more realistic. 

You also won’t want to get a facelift if you’re dealing with emotional trauma, such as divorce or loss, or if you have severe depression. A lot of people that have plastic surgery on their face will feel a little sad afterward due to the bruising, swelling, and lack of energy. Talk with your plastic surgeon about this before you book the surgery.

Another big factor is the cost. You don’t want to get any surgery that will add to financial worries or other fiscal stress in your life. Only get a facelift if you can afford it.

Lastly, always consider the risks before you undergo a procedure. This is a surgery, so there are routine risks, such as blood loss, infections, or issues with anesthesia. Since this is cosmetic surgery, there are other risks as well, including an undesirable outcome or asymmetry. 

Finding a Reputable Doctor for the Facelift

The first thing to do is check whether the doctor you’re considering is board certified or not. You also want to be certain that the surgeon has experience with facial lifts and has all the skills required to do this type of surgery well.

Always check before and after photos for a surgeon. If you can find someone that has worked with people similar to you in the past for the same surgery, that’s a huge plus. 

For instance, a facelift surgery performed by Dr. Sadrian is often highly recommended and sought after due to the physician’s skill. You want to do your research on any doctor you’re considering so that you’re happy and comfortable with your choice. 

Be Comfortable in Your Skin Today

Making the decision to get a facial lift is a big one, so you need to think it through carefully. If you decide to get the surgery done, you need to find a doctor you trust, understand the risks and feel comfortable with your decision. 

Once you’re healed, you may feel like a younger version of yourself again!

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