Roses are the most popular flowering shrubs. Over 300 species of woody perennials are part of the Rosa genus and thousands of varieties. It is no wonder that it is the royalty of flowers. Roses can be found across the world. Due to their multi-generational nature, you cannot trace back many modern rose varieties grown in landscapes to their original species. Instead, they are becoming increasingly popular in the market with their unique cultivar names.

English Roses

These roses are ideal for people looking for a variety of hardy, disease-resistant, and scent-resistant rose flowers. These plants are perfect for any home garden. You can plant them in containers or on hedges.

Bourbon Roses

In 1817, the first types of bourbon rose bushes were in France. These rose varieties, hybrid roses, originated from crossing China and Damask roses. They have vibrant blooms that include pink, white, and red. Although bourbon roses have a distinct aroma, they aren’t as strong as the drink. You can enjoy this kind of rose all year long if cultivated close to a trellis. You can train your bush to climb by letting it bloom repeatedly.

Hybrid Tea Roses

The hybrid tea rose is a popular rose with large flower arrangements of up to 50 petals. Thousands of these have been bred and are popular at flower shops. These roses can grow up to 1.5 meters tall. They are available in various colors except for black and blue.

Gallica Roses

Like the Damask roses, these types of roses are ancient. Some go back to the 12th century, while the Gallicas are sometimes called the French roses or Provins. These are known for their lovely scent, often used to make perfumes and tonic medicines. The petals of the Gallicas are also popular in making various anti-bacterial and astringent products. These are also known to come in various other colors, such as purples, reds, and white stripes. Unfortunately, you can only enjoy these once in the summer. The Old Garden Rose gallica is suitable for shady areas and cool climates.

Rambling Roses

Although they’re often mistaken for climbers, the vigorous ambling roses bloom once a summer. They’re not forced to grow up and can reach across anything they encounter. You can also train these types of roses to climb with the help of their caretakers.

David Austin Roses

This type of rose, named after David Austin, is a British rose that can produce hundreds of flowers in varying colors. Many retailers and rose lovers love these roses because they are shaped like rosettes and have a scent of an Old Rose. These types of roses bloom continuously and are like modern roses. It is best grown by experienced growers and gardeners. It’s less hardy and can be affected by diseases. Because of this, it requires a lot of attention and maintenance.


Giving or receiving gifts is a fantastic feeling. What more if such a gift is a bouquet of roses, right? In these modern times, it is becoming easier to show your love and appreciation to people even if you are miles away from them. A perfect example would be to send roses online to your other half or your parents on their birthdays.



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