As you stare into your closet you realize that you need to update your look. A recent survey found that almost 30% of Americans believe in astrology. But, what can your zodiac sign tell you about your style?

Most people know about dressing for your body shape. But, did you know that your zodiac sign also helps define your fashion sense?

We put together a quick guide to explain what your zodiac sign says about your outfits. Keep reading to find out how to update your look according to your star sign.

Capricorn Style

Capricorns love tradition and look for love in all the right places. If you don’t know what to wear, try asking your Capricorn soulmate to see if they can give you traditional insight.

Aquarius Clothes

These fun-loving people like to march to the beat of their own drums. Try including fun accessories in your outfits.

Pisces Outfits

Nothing makes a Pisces happier than getting lost in the music. Try expressing your love of music in your clothes too!

Aries Fashion Sense

You like to do things and get your hands dirty. Try wearing a combination of textures in one outfit to get the most tactile experience possible.

Taurus Wardrobe Suggestions

Taureans like the finer things in life and love a little luxury. Try including more sensual fabrics like satin or velvet in your wardrobe to give yourself a luxe feel.

Gemini Closet Update

Those born under Gemini often have the gift of gab. To play this up, include a bold statement piece with every outfit so you can spark conversation wherever you go!

Cancer Style

Cancers are some of the most logical astrological signs around and they don’t like complicated things. Try simplifying your outfits with a few staple pieces that flatter your figure.

Leo Fashion

These lions like to hear themselves roar and hate blending in with the crowd. To update your wardrobe, look for bright colors and bold patterns that help you stand out.

Virgo Outfits

Anyone born under Virgo likes to focus on detail and prefers not to look at the big picture. Try picking out a fun accessory and building an outfit around that detail.

Libra Wardrobe Advice

This zodiac sign’s symbol is a set of scales because they love balance in all things. If you feel like changing up your look, try balancing a bold print with a solid shoe or pants.

Scorpio Clothes

Variety is the spice of life and no one knows this more than Scorpios. Try choosing a couple of esthetics that you like so you can change up your daily style.

Sagittarius Closet Advice

No one loves adventure more than a Sagittarius and that goes for their wardrobe too! Try looking for pieces that sit outside of your comfort zone so you can see if it suits you.

Letting the Stars Guide Your Style

Whether you believe in the zodiac or not, try out these style tips and see if they suit you. You’ll find that sometimes your star sign points you in the right direction!

Keep this article in mind next time you go clothes shopping. That way, you can find an outfit that suits you according to your birthday.

We hope you loved reading this article and that you learned all about what your zodiac sign says about your fashion sense. If you’re looking for more fashionable articles about clothes, hairstyles, and much more, check out the rest of our blog today!



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