Are you one among the million people out there who are suffering from tiny white bumps around your eyes & cheeks? These little white bumps might look like acne or whiteheads but they aren’t leaving your skin easily, right? These bumps are known as ‘milia’. Stay tuned to know how can you tackle them with ease.

Milia or milium is a flake of keratin (protein) that gets trapped inside the layer of our skin. They usually pop up around our cheeks & eyes. Keratin is a protein present in our hair, skin & nails. So when this protein breaks, our skin develops a little cover around it. It happens to a lot of people & there’s nothing to worry about it at all. Milia are also called ‘milk spots.

Causes of Milia:

There isn’t any specific cause behind the popping up of these little milk spots on your face but many dermatologists believe it’s due to the heavy oils that sometimes collect in particular zones of the face. People dealing with skin conditions like rosacea & eczema are more prone to have milia.


These bumps get disappeared with time on their own as our skin exfoliates itself naturally from time to time. But if you’re impatient like a lot of us, you can incorporate these simple steps in your daily skincare regime;

  • Clean your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser that would keep the natural oils of your face intact.
  • Use rosewater as a toner. Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties which will help to shed off milia in no time. Check out Deyga’s official website to order pure, natural & handcrafted bottles of rosewater toner specially formulated for you!
  • Steam up your face once a week. Steaming opens up the facial pores, deeply cleans them & allows other treatments to work better. You do need not to own a steamer for this, just dip a towel in hot water & drape it on your face for a few minutes to keep it super simple.
  • Gently scrub your face twice a week. All the dead skin cells are washed away along with the milk spots when you splash your face with cold water after scrubbing it for a while with a natural scrub.

Deyga’s rose scrub can handle this task greatly. It gently exfoliates your skin while retaining moisture.

Tip: sure you don’t try to pop those bumps as these aren’t whiteheads. If you tease them with physical force, chances are you will end up getting stubborn scars on your face.

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