They’re practical. They’re elegant. It’s no wonder that watches always end up on the list of classiest accessories to own.

There’s only one problem: there might be more types of watches than you’re aware of. How can you tell the difference between mechanical, field, and dress varieties? Anyone who wants to elevate their style will eventually face the question: what’s the best watch for me?

Whether you’re looking for the latest watch trends or want to keep it classic with the best analog watches, this article is for you. Keep reading to learn about the watch types that you can buy today and how to tell which one is your best option. 

Digital vs Analog

The simplest way to choose between watches is by looking at their display types.

Analog watches use internal mechanics to keep time. Those internal parts control ticking hands, which display the time on a traditional watch face.

Digital watches show the time on a digitized screen. Many modern digital watches also come equipped with other digital functions, including:

  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Touchscreen
  • Step tracker or another fitness tracker
  • Linking to social media and other apps

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that analog watches are classy while digital ones are cheap. That’s no longer the case. Apple watches and other brands, like the ones available through H2HUB Watches, make digital watches enviable.

Shop the best digital watches for an elevated sporty aesthetic. 

Mechanical vs Quartz

All analog watches require an energy source to keep the hands turning in time. Most of today’s watches use quartz in conjunction with a power source to keep the watch hands turning. Quartz has special properties that help watches stay precise without the need for additional winding.

Quartz watches are a recent invention. If you buy a vintage watch — including any that date back to before the 1970s — you’ll have a mechanical watch on your hands. (Or rather, on your wrist.)

Mechanical watches have to be wound frequently. When you wind them, they store the energy in a series of springs. This energy powers the hands’ movement.

Mechanical watches are tricky to keep running on time — you have to remember to wind them frequently and make sure you don’t over-tighten the springs. However, they’re undeniably classy. If you have a love of vintage products, you’ll reach for a mechanical watch.

Skeleton Watch

There’s a certain fascination in watching the time tick away. That’s why some watches have clear faces to show their complex inner workings. These watches are known as skeleton watches.

While you can find all kinds of skeleton watches, mechanical ones are the most interesting. The clear face lets you watch the tiny gears turn together every second. This is a great watch choice for the intellectually curious tinkerers out there.

Tactile Watch

A tactile watch tells the time by touch instead of sight. Different tactical watches use different mechanisms, but the most common one is a ball bearing that rolls around the watch’s face. To tell the time, you feel the ball bearing’s position in reference to the hour points instead of looking at the hands.

Blind and visually-impaired watch wearers may choose tactile watches. However, they’re not the only ones. The creative watch face arrangement is an edgy style choice for any watch enthusiast — plus, it’s a practical way to unobtrusively check the time.

Dress Watch

If you’re looking for a classic, wear-with-everything timepiece, the word to know is “dress watch.” This term will get you a watch with clean lines, elegant hands, and likely Roman numerals as well. You’ll be able to wear your dress watch to work the daily, and it won’t embarrass you at your company gala.

Fashion Watch

From cartoon characters to rhinestones, there’s nothing that hasn’t been put on a watch. Thankfully, some fashion watches have more tasteful decorations.

If you’re looking for watch that stands out from the crowd or suits your personal style, you’ll find a fashion watch to fit your taste. Some of the latest watch trends include:

  • Minimalist designs
  • Alternative displays
  • Funky shapes
  • Classic art

Show off your celestial side with a planet-themed watch (which requires you to keep track of time by watching the planets move around a tiny sun). Or, flaunt your artistic awareness with a Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory-inspired timepiece. After all, don’t we all have days when time feels like it’s melting away?

Field Watch

Does your watch need to accompany you on weekend warrior adventures? Then you’ll look towards the field watch, whose history dates back to the World Wars. Soldiers needed timepieces that were relatively waterproof, clear to read, and could light up; and so the field watch was born.

Today, field watches are the all-purpose self-lighting watch that takes you from the office to the backwoods. 

Diver’s Watch

Another type of heavy-duty watch, the diver’s watch has crossed the line from function to fashion. A true diving watch is so rugged that it can stand up to corrosive salt water and chlorine, as well as water pressure. Although some authentic diver’s watches do exist, many watch companies produce imitation diver’s watches to capture the rugged-looking design at a fraction of the cost.

Find the Types of Watches You Need

Every outfit looks better with the perfect watch. Whether your style is rugged and outdoorsy or tailored and classic, the right watch for you is out there. 

With this article, you’ll be able to choose between the many types of watches and find the right one for you. Or maybe you’ll pick up a few!

Do you love dressing well? If so, why not keep on reading our blog? You’ll find even more insights on fashion, lifestyle, and classy living so that you can keep standing out from the crowd.



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