It’s safe to say that an engagement ring is a huge investment, especially if you’re following the traditional—if outdated—“three months’ salary” rule. However, research shows that a wedding ring can be an investment that’s almost as costly! On average, U.S. couples will spend around $5,000 on a single wedding ring.

This investment might seem overly expensive, but it’s worth remembering that wedding rings will sit on your fingers for decades to come. In other words, it’s crucial to do your due diligence when finding the best wedding ring to buy, as you’ll want an option that will stand the test of time. If you’re wondering how to find the right option, here’s what to keep in mind.

Consider the Recipient’s Style

Before you get too far into choosing wedding rings, it’s a good idea to take some time to pay attention to each recipient’s style. When you’re choosing your own ring, of course, it’s still a good idea to do some soul-searching about the styles you prefer.

The recipient’s style can help simplify a number of the choices below, so don’t hesitate to do a little sleuthing before you shop around if you’re shopping for someone else. Consider your significant other’s closet or jewelry box, and check with them to see what kinds of jewelry they prefer. Men, of course, often prefer simpler jewelry in general than women, which can make the task a bit easier.

Do they tend to like traditional, delicate pieces, or do they like to go for a statement look? Are they into colorful jewelry, or do they like more neutral aesthetics? What kinds of gemstones and metals do you see?

Take the answers to these basic questions with you as you begin your purchasing journey, whether you’re looking online or shopping in a store.

Think About the Metal

If you want to select the best wedding ring for your loved one, finding a durable and high-quality metal that will last a lifetime is crucial.

There are a few popular choices that you might want to consider right off the bat, like gold and platinum, both of which have great beauty and durability without requiring a great deal of upkeep. However, you can also choose options like white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold as well. Titanium and zirconium are newcomers to the wedding band market, but they can be interesting and affordable choices.

Can’t decide which option is best? Consider combining different metals as part of a design accent or pattern.

Choose a Diamond or Gemstone

Traditional wedding rings once had no gemstones at all, but modern trends allow for a huge spectrum of variations when it comes to gemstones. In fact, some people consider the gemstone to be the most important component of any ring, so it’s hard to talk about finding the perfect wedding ring without discussing these crucial features!

Whether you opt for a diamond solitaire that mimics the look of engagement rings, or a band of smaller gemstones for added flair, here are your main options.


It’s safe to say that diamonds continue to hold the lion’s share of the wedding ring market, as these traditional gemstones never go out of fashion.

However, modern trends allow for a huge amount of variation in terms of cut and color. It’s possible to find a spectrum of options.

When it comes to wedding rings black diamonds, “fancy” colored diamonds, and diamonds with striking modern cuts are great choices. In other words, you might want to venture away from the classic look for your ring!

Other Gemstones

Though diamonds may be popular, you may also want to consider other gemstones, especially if you want to add a pop of color. Sapphires and rubies, for example, are hard gemstones that work well in wedding rings, and options like emerald and topaz are also great choices.

Choose Your Gemstone Shape

If you are opting for a solitaire look, or if you’re incorporating some smaller stones onto the wedding ring, it’s important to get familiar with the 4Cs of diamonds. One of those Cs, the cut, makes a huge difference. The cut of a gemstone determines not only its overall shape, but also its ability to reflect light, which creates the beloved sparkle and shine of a glittering gemstone.

Traditional options include round and princess cuts, which are among the most popular options when it comes to wedding rings. However, you can also find vintage-inspired Asscher or emerald cuts, unique heart cuts, or brilliant cushion cuts. Some cuts, like marquise cuts, will help to elongate the look of the fingers, enhancing the elegance of the hand.

Do your research and get a look at a few different options, as it can be hard to understand the final look without seeing them in person. If you can, get your significant other to try on a few different styles before you make a choice!

Consider the Finishing Touches

In addition to the big-picture considerations above, you’ll also need to keep a few details in mind. A few tiny nuances can help you personalize the band to your significant other’s preferences and wardrobe.

  • Metal finish: choosing the metal finish may seem minor, but the right one can complement the look of your chosen pattern or gemstone
  • Engravings: Adding an engraved pattern, inscription, or fingerprint can be a unique final touch
  • Edge details: Opting for edge details like grooves or beveled edges can help you add additional flair

When you’re hoping to find the perfect wedding band, these tiny details can really add up!

Find the Best Wedding Ring for Your Loved One

Whether you’re hunting for the best wedding ring online or in a brick-and-mortar shop, the tips above can be a huge help. Be sure to consider the recipient’s unique style and preferences—in addition to the quality of the ring materials—as you continue your search. With a little time and effort, you’ll find a gorgeous ring you’ll love for a lifetime.

As you consider the details of the proposal and the big day, don’t forget to check out our other fashion and lifestyle guides!



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