Did you know that over 2 million marriages took place in 2019? That’s a whole lot of I do‘s!

However, every wedding has its own unique spark that separates it from the others. That’s why professional photos are such an important part of a wedding: they preserve even the tiniest details and remind us what made a wedding so special.

But the idea of planning and executing amazing photos for your wedding can be intimidating. How can you make sure they turn out spectacular?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading to learn a few of our top wedding photography tips!

Create a Shot List 

To ensure you don’t miss any special moments, create a shot list with your photographer. You can skim over your wedding checklist as you make your shot list if you’re missing any details and to solidify the photoshoot timeline.

If your wedding has any extremely unique moments or scenery, you’ll have to navigate. You can even bring your wedding planner into the conversation to help your photographer better understand all the details. When making a shot list, remember to also plan out family portrait photos and decide who specifically will be in them. 

Be Honest About Your Budget 

One of the most important wedding photography tips is to be honest about how much you’re willing to spend on your photos. It’s good to have a clear conversation with your photographer regarding your photography budget. Make sure you know what services they offer in your price range.

Sometimes you don’t even have to reach out to get a wedding photos pricing list. We Eloped Nashville, for example, offers pre-priced photo packages on their site at https://weelopednashville.com/prices. This way of price-checking also gives you the chance to explore a photographer’s entire website and view their portfolio. 

Add Personality to Your Photos 

Couples typically choose a venue that’s aesthetically pleasing, which makes for great ceremony shots. However, if you’re having prep photos taken, you have the chance to add some extra charm to your photos. Many people tend to get ready in either a traditional hotel room or in their own home, which usually results in unexciting backdrops of beige walls and white carpets.

If you want to add a little more flair to your photos, consider renting out an AirBnb that aligns with your style—anything from a cozy little cottage to a more lavish Victorian mansion. These spaces are designed to cater to specific renters, which is what makes them so unique and endearing. 

Discover the Best Wedding Photography Tips

Many people describe the date of their wedding as the best day of their lives. Of course, it’s great to live in the moment, but you’ll appreciate having a visual reminder of your special wedding day that you can page through years down the line. With the wedding photography tips above, you’ll have no trouble mapping out your perfect wedding photography plan!

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