Getting married is one of the most magical moments one could ever experience in a lifetime. The wedding day is always filled with joyful tears, laughter, and happiness shared in an atmosphere of love. You want to cherish every second and forever keep them in your memories. 

One way to keep your special day in everyone’s memories is to capture it on video. Check out this site for experienced professionals who will make sure to capture all the intimate moments, joyous tears, and laughter that you shared on your special day. With their quality services, you can rewatch the video of your wedding day and forever keep the memories alive.

Here are seven wedding moments you’ll want to capture on video. 

Bride And Bridesmaids Getting Ready

Bride And Bridesmaids Getting Ready

A wedding feels like a fairy tale come true, especially for the bride. The ceremony itself isn’t the only moment that matters. Capturing the preparation makes the event extra special since it involves the loving service of the people around the bride, particularly the bridesmaids. 

Most professional videographers suggest capturing every moment, even the preparation. It’s like creating a whole film of the wedding. Suppose you’re residing in Canada and looking for the best team for your special day. In that case, it’s best to look for a professional Vancouver wedding videographer or any premium wedding videography services in your area. 

Walking Down The Aisle

Walking Down The Aisle

As the bride takes small steps down the aisle, everything else seems to fade into the background. All eyes are on her, and she becomes the center of the ceremony. In this magical moment, capturing all the best angles is a must. 

The bride walking down the aisle is one of the most memorable moments you wouldn’t want to miss in a wedding video. Aside from seizing every step, it’s also best to capture everyone’s reaction, especially the groom and the parents. It’s the perfect time to capture each emotion and joyful tear cinematically. 

The Giving Away Of The Bride

The Giving Away Of The Bride

Giving away the bride to the groom is one of the most emotional moments during the wedding. Capturing a loving father giving his daughter’s hand to the love of her life is a scene you would want to immortalize through a video. It’s a heartwarming symbolic act of love and letting go. 

A father passing his daughter’s hand to her soon-to-be husband is something you shouldn’t miss in a wedding video. It’s one of the essential parts of the ceremony. Plus, it would mean the world to the bride’s father to cherish this moment. 

Stating The Vows 

Stating the vows is the core moment of the ceremony. It’s when the bride and groom declare their love and faithfulness for each other. Although each should take these words to heart, capturing them on video is a great way to treasure them. 

The vows are the couple’s eternal promise to fulfill. You’ll want your camera handy to commemorate the beginning of what will hopefully be a long and happy marriage. This moment is magical, heartwarming, and above all, beautifully honest. There’s nothing more special than capturing it on a video you can rewatch repeatedly. 

The First Kiss

Wedding The First Kiss

The couple’s first kiss seals the marriage. It’s the climax of every wedding video. Capturing the first kiss in videos and photos is a great way to immortalize the special moment. This scene only lasts about one second, and missing it isn’t an option. Hiring a professional videographer is a must to get the best shots possible. 

Wedding Dance 

After the ceremony comes the party. It’s the time to have fun and celebrate your special day. One of the most memorable moments to capture during the wedding reception is the couple’s first dance. Whether you’re a couple who loves dancing or simply following the tradition, you’ll still want to treasure this scene in a video. 

The wedding dance can be a formal and traditional one or modern and goofy. It depends on what you prefer as a couple. Either way, you shouldn’t miss it in your wedding video. It’s one of those moments you’ll want to look back and smile. 

Fun Afterparty Moments 

The wedding video shouldn’t only be focused on the couple. It would be best if family and friends at the ceremony and afterparty also appear in your wedding video. It’s fun to capture all the goofy moments that’ll make you laugh even years or decades after the event. 

Aside from the fun parts, a classic wedding video is incomplete without the best wishes from everyone in the event. As everyone is having fun, dancing, drinking, and telling stories, the videographers can ask friends and family to say a short message to the couple.  


Capturing each moment during your wedding day is one way to treasure love and faithfulness. While photos make great memorabilia, a wedding video is even more special. Photos capture scenes, while videos capture life.



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