6 Great Wedding Hair Tips for Perfect Wedding Hair

There are tons of questions that cross a would-be-bride’s mind. Starting from the bridal makeup to the wedding dress, you have to sort out so many things just for the right look! Amongst them having the perfect tresses almost tops the list.

While you will find a plethora of inspirations regarding this online, the real challenge is to know those hushed-up secrets that can be life-altering for your mane.

You may be taking care of your hair for your entire life but for the big day what you want is an impeccable presentation of your locks.

To help you out with the same, here are some of the tips from the experts that will help your hair look like a dream on the day of your wedding. Just take a look.

  • Plan Ahead – If you are thinking of getting your hair straightener, coloured, curled, treated or permed ensure that you do this at least 30 days before the wedding. Time of a month will be needed to get the hair softened up so that it looks much more natural. Again, if you experience any bad hair experimentations, this will give you ample time to fix the disaster.
  • Pick the Right Hairstyle – The wedding day hair options are endless and that is why it is essential that you don’t get overwhelmed. To help you out, here are some of the factors that you should consider –
  1. Consider Your Dress – Your hairstyle should complement your dress. So if you are going for an extravagant gown with sparkly intricate designs then a simple yet gorgeous updo is what you need. If the dress is more or less simple, then a more dramatic hairstyle is what you should opt for. If the dress comes with a sensuous open-back then you can opt for a side-braid or a ponytail to highlight that design.
  2. Consider the Weather – If your wedding is on a sultry summer day, then an updo will ensure that your hair does not go frizzy. Again, if it is on a cooler day then you can opt for any hairstyle of your choice including keeping the long cascading curls open.
  3. Consider Your Hair Length, Texture and Volume – It is easy to get attracted to the subtly-stylish hairstyles that you come across on the internet. But to your dismay, it can happen that you find out that your hair is not short or long enough to pull it off. Though hair extensions can save you there are plenty of short hair options that you can find, too. The texture of the hair is also important. While the soft vine or small jewelled hairpin is great for fine hair, the hair combs or heavily jewelled hairpins are more appropriate for the heavy hairs.
  • Go for a Trial Run – Your wedding day must not be the first time that you see your hairdo. If you are working with a new stylist, you should go for a trial run prior to booking. And if your stylist is someone whom you have trusted and known for years then a trial run is a must prior to a few months before the wedding. You should bring a picture of your dress and also some styles that you have liked. Ask for the tweaks if you are not too thrilled with the design. This way you won’t be in for a rude shock on the wedding day.
  • Get the Regular Trims – You should go for a haircut about a month before D-day. This will give you enough time to grow back the hair in case you don’t like your look. This way you can also allow you to cut a few centimetres as the time nears and get the ends freshened up.
  • Take Care of Your Hair – You should make sure that your hair remains in top condition. Nourish your hair and apart from washing and conditioning, also opt for frequent hair mask treatments. This will add volume if you have finer hair and also repair the damaged hair.
  • Be True to Yourself – You should not go over the top and be something that you cannot identify within reality. Moreover, an extremely complicated hairdo is not something that is needed as it will give you one more thing to worry about.

The above are some of the tips that you should consider for flaunting your beautiful mane on your big day. However, just like event management professionals can help you organise the best wedding, your beautician or hairstyle partner can assist you with more tips regarding this.

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