Well, the wedding season is around the corner, and many would-be brides must be looking for the perfect dress for their special day. This time, weddings will be a little different due to the novel COVID-19 virus, but you don’t need to compromise on your wedding gown.

We understand, choosing the perfect wedding dress for your body type isn’t that easy. That’s why we’ve come to make your life a little easier. We also want you to look a beautiful version of yourself before you go down the aisle saying “I do”. Hence, scroll down and look for the top 5 wedding dresses that are getting lots of love.

  1. Bling with the colourful florals:

With florals taking the top position, all the flower lovers may have found their dream gown now. After having a freshly and boldly ramp walk on the bridal fashion week in 2019, many designers made it a beautiful trend. Also, this print has made an appearance in several wedding collections. So, whichever designer you select, you’ll find hand-painted gowns and colourful floral applique on the white dress.

When we talk about colours, soft pastel shades like pink, light purples, and celadon green are on a rage. Whether you want head-to-toe florals or a small touch, this style will have you stand out, making a styling statement.

  • The ball gown is a bombshell:
The ball gown is a bombshell

Want to look royal on your D-day? Then, this ball gown is for you. Even those who are hunting for a glam look, you should be satisfied with the satin ball gown. It comes in various patterns and styles, but the only thing that grabs everyone’s heart is its versatility.

You can either opt for mock necklines and long sleeves or fully-feathered ones. Both will add glamour and feminine touch to the look for your ceremony. Besides the details, this voluminous style is sure to turn your man head over heels.

  • Grand millennial is having a breath-taking moment:

Grand millennial style is the best example that proves the saying“old is gold”. This invaluable design has returned to the pavilion. The old-timely wedding gown has made a comeback with its dramatic floral patterns, bold colours, and unexpected texture blends.

Lovingly known as “granny chic”; it is also bringing back those massive bows at the back of the gown. There may be some feminine secret of this bow seen on a wedding gown.

  • Sparkly gown brings the stars down:
Sparkly gown brings the stars down

There are many ways to add glitters to your wedding day. One of those is to dress up in a sparkly gown. However, nowadays, would-be brides are after shiny beading, sequins, and glitter to make a dazzling entry at the reception.

If you love vintage, then you can walk with fringe beadings, flouncy tiers of chiffon, and classy pearl detailing. Honestly, the sparkle is not just for the glam purpose; even the minimalist brides can opt for it with less glitter. So, ladies, bring the stars down by wearing a sparkly gown and have your bridal moment.

  • Mermaid dress to make you weak in the knees:
Mermaid dress to make you weak in the knees

This mermaid dress, which will hug close to your body, will flare below your knees, creating an utterly elegant tail. It is widely recognised for its flirtatious nature since it is fitted, almost like shapewear. If you’re naturally slim, then you’ve got an opportunity to create a phantasm of an hourglass figure. Generally, it is often blended with ruffled skirts to add a “wow” factor.

The only drawback is as it is your legs won’t be able to move freely due to its restricted shape. But one thing is guaranteed; it will make you look sexy.

One personal tip:

Whatever gown you choose, make sure that it makes you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable. So, pick the best one from the above five and make yourself feel the best. It could be anything! If that means keeping it typical, then do it. Or if it means being bold, then don’t hesitate to go for it.

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